Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seattle: Anti-Police Arrestee Benefit Dinner March 30th

March 23. 2011 Puget Sound Anarchists

Anti-Police Arrestee Benefit Dinner

7pm Wednesday, March 30th

Autonomia Social Space: 600 24th Ave South, Seattle

$5 suggested donation

Text from poster:

On August 31st, 2010, John T. Williams was shot and killed by Seattle
Police Officer Ian Birk. The murder prompted a series of demonstrations
against the murder of J.T. Williams and police violence in general.
Anarchists also disrupted a police accountability conference, engaged in
street actions, and spread information on the role of the police in
society and the media’s role in neutralizing any and all anti-police

16 people have been arrested during the demonstrations and jail support
over the past month and a half all on misdemeanor charges ranging from
malicious mischief, obstruction of an officer, criminal trespassing, and
rioting. Supporting arrestees financially and emotionally is a small but
vital part in the practice of solidarity. True solidarity is the
recognition of your own struggle in the struggle of those suffering
repression and then carried out through the continuity of that struggle;
the maintenance of active revolt. The momentum that was born in the
streets lives on even in the face of repression.

"Solidarity lies in action. Action that sinks its roots in one’s own
project that is carried on coherently and proudly too, especially in times
when it might be dangerous even to express one’s ideas publicly… A project
which is not specifically linked to the repression that has struck our
comrades but which continues to evolve and make social tension grow, to
the point of making it explode so strongly that the prison walls fall down
by themselves." - Revolutionary Solidarity, Elephant Editions

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