Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Denver: Anarchist Black Cross Conference Organizing Underway

The Denver Anarchist Black Cross would like to formally invite you to a conference
for North American Anarchist Black Cross chapters from August 12-14, 2011 in Denver.
This is an invitation to attend this conference. Also seeking proposals for
workshops, skill shares, or other activities that chapters would like to see at the
The Conference is open to all ABC chapters active in North America, regardless of
greater organizational affiliation.
The intention of this conference is not to create any new broader organization, but
instead to have North American ABC chapters share our experiences and skills. We
hope to build and strengthen social and political networks with each other to grow
and strengthen the movement defense capabilities for those of us struggling in North
In order to create a cohesive and productive conference atmosphere, we are only
inviting those actively engaged in ABC Chapters or interested in starting an ABC
Chapter. The following principles of unity will work as a guiding document for who
should or should not attend this conference:
1. We are anarchists. We believe in an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian movement
to replace all predatory social, economic, and political systems with a society
based upon voluntary cooperation, mutual aid, and self determination for all
2. We believe in active revolutionary struggle against the state, capitalism, and
social oppression. We support actions that target those that perpetuate oppression.
We believe in broad based social movements that are capable of confronting those
that benefit from exploitation.
3. We are engaged in supporting members of liberation movements who have been
captured by the state. We support the right of all peoples to fight against
oppression and for self determination. We actively work to support those that have
been captured while struggling for liberation, whether or not their politics exactly
align with ours or not.
4. We wish to contribute to the greater defense of social movements. We are engaged
in political prisoner or prisoner of war support, but understand this is but one
facet of movement defense.
5. We will not allow infighting to further cripple our work. We will not allow past
feuds, infighting, or divisions to stop us from moving forward as a movement, and
figuring out ways to support each other and our joint struggles. We will not allow
power struggles, internalized sexism, racism and classism to dominate and threaten
our organizations and our struggles.
Registration Information – Deadline is June 1st.

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