Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peoples Justice Conference planning meeting in L.A.

The next planning meeting for the Peoples Justice Conference
(scheduled for the weekend of May 14-15) will take place this
Saturday, March 12 at noon at the Southern California Library for
Social Studies and Research, 6120 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles.

The conference aims at bringing together at the grassroots level,
people facing and fighting police terror, mass incarceration,
political repression and imprisonment, ICE raids and detentions, the
death penalty and other aspects of the criminal "justice" system, in
order to share and develop effective strategies for resistance. The
effort developed out of simultaneous initiatives by GrassrootsKPFK,
the LA Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant and the Jericho Amnesty
Movement to free all political prisoners LA chapter. Other groups
involved include the Justice Working Group of the MLK Coalition for
Jobs, Justice and Peace, the Black Riders and Brown Riders Liberation
Party, the Southern CA Immigration Coalition, the LA Committee
Against FBI Repression, the Workers Solidarity Alliance and others.
Issues of concern include police killings and racial profiling,
prison isolation and Communications Management Units, three strikes
and mandatory minimums, social reintegration and employment for
formerly incarcerated persons, FBI/grand jury witch hunts against
labor and solidarity activists, privatization and militarization of
police, the legalization of COINTELPRO through Homeland Security/USA
PATRIOT Act, stopping the school-to-prison pipeline, the so-called
"war on drugs," and a host of other preemptive measures by the state
and right wing forces to crush dissent under conditions of increasing
economic privation and exploitation. We seek to build unity and
clarity in our fight-back efforts in order to strengthen the forces
of popular resistance.

A googlegroup for discussion and announcements has been set up at, and simple
website at

For more information, you can also contact or call 310-495-0299.


Anonymous said...

At this historical juncture we find ourselves under an increasingly repressive state apparatus that invades every aspect of our daily lives. Therefore various grassroots groups have come together to discuss and plan a militant response to this police state that has been placed upon us by the increaseingly powerful/semi royalty that wants to drive us back into semi-feudal exsistance.
We will not accept this situation.
Join us to fight this onslaught.

The peoples justice coalition will hold It's conferenceon May 14&15 at Trade Tech Community college located at 400 Washington Blvd. from 9AM to 400PM both days

Press conference at 12:00 Noon Thursday at 100 First Street in front of the LAPD Headquarters

aline said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

Conferences in Los Angeles