Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brooklyn, New York: Letter-Writing for Green Scare Prisoners

Monday, March 14 2011 Infoshop News

What: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
When: 7pm (sharp), Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
Where: 885 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, New York (see below for directions)
Cost: Free

Because green is STILL the new red, for this week’s installment of PPLWD
we will be sending out some cards to our continental eco-warriors behind
bars…let’s let them know they are not forgotten! We will also be having
breakfast for dinner…just ’cause we can. As always the food is vegan,
because we believe in the liberation of all animals, human and non-human.
(If you’ve been to one of these, then you know our spiel. If not, what the
hell are you waiting for?) For more information on who we will be writing,
or if you absolutely cannot make it (maybe you are allergic to waffle
sandwiches?) please visit ecoprisoners.org, a great resource for up to
date information on earth and animal liberation prisoners.

The deal, as always, is that you come bringing only yourself (and your
friends and comrades), and we provide you with a delicious vegan meal,
information about the prisoners as well as all of the letter-writing
materials and prisoner-letter-writing info you could ever want to use in
one evening. In return, you write a thoughtful letter to a political
prisoner or prisoner of war of your choosing or, better yet, keep up a
long-term correspondence. We’ll also provide some brief updates and pass
around birthday cards for the PP/POWs whose birthdays fall in the next two
weeks thanks to the Anarchist Birthday Brigade.

Getting to 885 Park Avenue is simple:
From the J/M/Z:
Flushing Stop: Walk southeast on Broadway (toward Sumner Place, away from
Thornton Street) and make a right on Park Avenue. We’re halfway down the
block, on your right.
Myrtle Stop: Walk northwest on Broadway (toward Melrose Street, away from
Troutman Street) and make a left on Park Avenue. We’re halfway down the
block on the right.

From the G Train:
Flushing Avenue Stop: Walk south on Marcy Avenue (toward Hopkins Street,
away from Wallabout Street) and turn left on Park Avenue. We’re three and
a half blocks down on the left.
Myrtle-Willoughby Avenues Stop: Walk north on Marcy Avenue (toward
Stockton Street, away from Vernon Avenue) and turn right on Park Avenue.
We’re three and a half blocks down on your left.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, we’ll see
you at supper.

This event is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Anarchist Black

Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211


Free all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War!
For the Abolition of State Repression and Domination!

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