Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners in Oaxaca!!!!
Freedom for Oscar and Sacramento!!!!

Anarchists and anti-authoritarians have played a vital role in the struggle against the government of Ulisses Ruiz Ortiz in Oaxaca. From Magonistas like the CODEP and CIPO-RFM to the Bloque Autonomo (Autonomous Bloc) and the Ocupacion Intercultural en Resistencia,
anarchists and anti authoritarians have had an important presence in maintaining barricades in the face of attacks from paramilitaries and police as well as helping repel the PFP (Federal Preventative Police)
during street battles in front of the University, in media and cultural projects and spaces, political prisoner support and within the APPO itself.

As the PFP finally penetrated the barricadesof Oaxaca in November the hunting of activists began. Among the many prisoners being held in jails around Mexico are anarchist activists Oscar Santa Maria Caro and
Sacramento Delfino Cano Hernandez who were arrested on November 30th in Oaxaca.

They are being charged with various crimes and have endured physical and mental torture in jail. Both face bails of more than $20,000 US dollars and need the support of anarchists all over the world.

(The following text is loosely translated from part of a statement released by the Todxs Somos Presxs [We Are All Prisoners] anarchist collective in Mexico, an awesome collective dedicated to supporting the political prisoners of Oaxaca, and all of Mexico)

Oscar Santa Maria Caro, 20 years old from Oaxaca, has participated in various anarchist and punk collectives. Is part of the RATA collective, which focuses on animal liberation, and more recently has participated in the Bloque Autonomo [AutonomousBloc], and the Ocupacion Intercultural en Resistencia [Intercultural Occupation in Resistance] Oscar has been part of the struggle in Oaxaca since it
started. He was detained by armed plain clothed members of the PFP in the streets of Oaxaca and has since been held as a prisoner. Oscar has been tortured physically and psychologically since his detention.

Sacramento Delfino Cano Hernandez, 29 years old from the State of Mexico, Sacramento is a student of philosophy and psychology at UNAM [the National Autonomous University of Mexico]. Sacramento moved to Oaxaca to participate in the struggle, he was detained along with Oscar Santa Maria. Sacramento has also been beaten and tortured in jail.

Oscar and Sacramento were arrested on November 30th by armed plain clothed police as they left the house where they were staying in Oaxaca. They were accosted by men with guns and thrown into separate automobiles which drove around the city while they were interrogated and beaten when they refused to answer questions and later taken to jail. In the prison the police threatened to kill them both and also
threatened to rape female political prisoners if Sacramento and Oscar didn’t give information about other activists.

The police say that they found molotov cocktails, bags of marbles, knifes and other tools to make weapons on Sacramento and Oscar. The police also claim that Sacramento was driving a stolen pickup truck, an absurd claim since he doesn’t know how to drive.

Both Oscar and Sacramento are being held in the regional prison CERESO in Miahuatlan de Porfirio Diaz, Oaxaca en Hall B, Cell 5.

1. That the authorities have offered our comrades freedom if they sign self incriminating confessions that are contrary to their ideas and dignity.

2. The Government of Oaxaca has invented crimes to unjustly keep our comrades imprisoned. All of these prisoners are innocent of the crimes that they are accused of.

3. In Mexico and Oaxaca people are tortured, persecuted, raped and assassinated for political reasons, for being social activists.

We Demand:
1. Punish the police that have made up lies about our comrades Santa Maria Caro and Sacramento Delfino Cano Hernandez: Official Pedro Canseco Galvan, Police Officer Adan Alvarez Arrona, and Police Officer Elias Garcia Miguel.

2. The immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners of Oaxaca, Atenco, Mexico,and the World.

3. Justice for activists murdered by the Mexican state.

4. Punish the murderers, rapists and torturers, of the PFP and State Police of Oaxaca, and the State of Mexico.

5. Cancel the Apprehension Orders [warrants] against social activists.

6. Justice for our International comrades who have been expelled from the country for seeing the reality of the Mexico from the view of those who face injustice daily.

No One is Free until we are all free!
Tear down the Prison Walls!
Dissolve All Forces of Repression!

Signed by: Colectivo Tod@s Somos Pres@s, integrantes de la Ocupación Intercultural en Resistencia, Colectivo Tlacoyos Sí Amburguesas No, Colectivo kinta Brigada Anarquista, Colectivo Amor y Resistencia,
Coordinadora Contra la Represiòn y por la Libertad a Tod@s l@s Pres@s Polìtic@s, adherentes individuales a La Otra Campaña , **If your collective wishes to sign on to this statement send an email to:** We are currently working on creating a pay pal account so people outside of Mexico can send money to help get
these prisoners out of jail. Each prisoner faces a bail of about $20,000 US dollars.

If you have more questions about supporting these prisoners as well as how to support anarchist collectives working in Oaxaca e-mail (in Spanish) : noestamostodxs(at)gmail(dot)com ,

For info about sending money from the US or other questions in English e-mail: amoryresistencia(at)yahoo(dot)com.