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Islamic Shurah Council of Greater Cleveland FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT ON REP. PETER KING

Islamic Shurah Council of Greater Cleveland



Imam Mutawaf A. Shaheed Imam Yusuf Ali Amir Khalid
Samad, CEO
Masjid Mumin Masjid Warith Deen
Peace in the Hood, Inc.

(216) 272-1509 (216) 431-1992
(216) 538-4043

March 8, 2011

Cleveland, Ohio: On March 4, 2011, Representative Peter King of New York’s 3rd
Congressional District and Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security announced
that he would hold hearings on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim
Community and that Community’s Response” on Thursday March 10, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. in
the Cannon House Office Building, Room 311.

This event is disturbing and has overtones of xenophobia, is without merit and is
reminiscent of the hearings of Senator Joseph McCarthy. It most definitely will fan
the flames of racism that were rampant after the announcement of the building of a
mosque near Ground Zero. It is an affront to the vast majority of Muslim Americans
in this country who are honest law abiding citizens and to the Muslims who serve in
the public safety arena and in the military.

As a spokesman of the Greater Cleveland Shurah Council, Imam Mutawaf A. Shaheed has
issued the follow statement on the hearings:

Once one of our great presidents, John F. Kennedy, said “Ask not what your country
can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Well, that time has come and
gone. Now we are asking why our countrymen (billionaire corporate manipulators) are
doing this to us. They have manipulated us, disunited us, cheated us, sent out jobs
overseas, disassembled the middle class for an agenda that has done nothing for the
most honorable amongst us.

Remember the saying “United We Stand-Divided We Fall.” They are united (Corporate
Elitists and their servants). We are divided and we have fallen for the big con
game they ran on us. This is not something that just happened out of nowhere.
While we were being turned one against another, distracted by whatever event that
was being publicized, they have produced the Muslim Radicalized/Racial/Religious
Frankenstein Card. Fear the Muslims. Fear the Mexicans. Fear the Blacks. Fear the
Gays. Fear the Economy. Fear the Flu. Fear everything but them. Now look what
fear has gotten us-nothing but loss. Until we focus on the racists Corporate Elite
Hate Mongers as the problem, in addition to the sycophants like Congressman Peter
King and people like Bridget Gabriel from ACT for America we will continue to throw
our progress under the bus. Muslims have lived, worked, died in wars even when we as
African Americans were denied equal rights and human rights. Before 9/11, Al Qaeda,
or a radicalized outside threat, there were segregated lunch counters, buses,
military units and cemeteries.

The 85% enemy living amongst us is the biggest lie Rep. King (R-NY) has stated. The
other big lie is that Muslims don’t cooperate with law enforcement. Did he ask the
thousands of Muslims who work in law enforcement (local, county, state and federal)?
Please! The most ridiculous is that 90% of the Muslim Institutions, advocacy
groups, and associations are Saudi funded, Wahabi fronts. If that is the case,
“Show Us The Money” and the receipts. How about a hearing on radicalism in America
traced to Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers, FOX News
Corp., AIPAC, Skull and Bones, The Order of the Owl, Pentagon Lobbyists,
Bildebergers and the Fictitious Illuminati?

We are calling on all Americans who value their civil liberties, human liberties and
the Constitution of the United States to join their voices in opposition to Rep.
King’s hearings. We urge you to call your congressmen and express your concerns.
This time they have come for us. Who will they come for next time?

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