Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THE COMMITTEE to FREE ALVARO LUNA HERNANDEZ (Chicano political prisoner) PROTEST CALL-IN Set for Wednesday, APRIL 6, 2011

March 29, 2011

PROTEST CALL-IN on Wednesday, APRIL 6, 2011

THE COMMITTEE to FREE ALVARO LUNA HERNANDEZ (Chicano political prisoner)



Set for Wednesday, APRIL 6, 2011,

To the TDCJ in Huntsville, Texas,
Alfred D. Hughes Unit, in Gatesville, Texas,
@ 2PM (CDT)
– To object to the growing threats
of censorship to his mail and 1st Amendment Rights, and retaliation by staff for
observing his right to file a grievance.

(254) 865-6663
Hughes Unit Senior Warden Edward Smith

1(800) 535-0283Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)

Retaliation, in that Mail-room Supervisor G. Vandiver, specifically, made a threat
to Alvaro that his correspondents (we presume ALL) "be put on a negative mail list".

Alvaro has had mail problems before, but this is an open threat made by the
Supervisor and can't go unchallenged, that stemmed from certain pages being removed
(confiscated) from a copy of the book "Defying The Tomb", written by Virginia state
prisoner and Minister of Defense for the New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison
Chapter (NABPP/PC) Kevin (Rashid) Johnson, sent him by Inside Out Books (the
publisher) in Seattle, Washington; the pages Supervisor Vandiver and the mail-room
objected to, claimed would breakdown the prison's operation - with prisoner
disruptions - strikes - and rioting.

The fact that the [4] pages removed earlier, were re-sent individually to Alvaro
without incident, and that Inside Out Books was never sent an official notice for
denial of publication, would strongly support suspicions that the retaliatory nature
of Vandiver's reaction to Alvaro's filed Grievance caused the threatening remark
made about his mail in or out; because they must have realized their jobs were in
jeopardy and that they were out of TDCJ & TBCJ policy compliance. This is not an
idle threat, because prison administrations generally allow officers discretion to
control prisoners this way, so it can never be credited for even happening IF an
impression isn't made to Huntsville or a Senior Warden by supporters/public.

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