Saturday, March 19, 2011

Richmond, VA: Monroe Park Occupation Comes to a Halt-For Now

March 17, 2011 Anarchist News

This morning at around midnight a plane circled ominously over Monroe
Park. As occupiers were discussing tactics on a police invasion, upwards
of twenty RPD and VCU police vehicles surrounded the park.

A megaphone blared, with the police referencing City code--we were once
again reminded that City parks close after dark and we were given 15
minutes to vacate the premises. What followed was a flurry of mass phone
calls and text messages to our allies for support, personal belongings of
those willing to be arrested were gathered and contact phone numbers were
written on arms in sharpie.

With the exception of one person, those that refused to leave the
occupation within the 15 minutes were detained. Eight of us have been
detained for not identifying ourselves to the police.

Spotlights were brought out as news teams took down their stories. People
in hazmat suits removed the latrine as a bulldozer leveled our structures.
Other occupiers that were called in from elsewhere and our allies stood
and watched as the encampment that we have called home for 9 days was
hauled away in dump trucks.

We are currently awaiting word from five of the eight people, and one has
already been released. We will know more as the day progresses.

We are unsure if bail will be necessary. Any and all donations to our bail
fund would be appreciated. Call (804) 303-5449 or email to donate. More updates to come.

Occupy everything!

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