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Nine Anarchists and Compañeros on Hunger Strike in Chile: Day 25

Comrades: if we fight we could lose, but if we don’t fight we are lost

by Annie Elation Vancouver Media Co-op

Radical Dancers at solidarity demo, Santiago
Radical Dancers at solidarity demo, Santiago

In Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile, police raided multiple homes and anarchist social centres on August 14, 2010. These raids were part of a wave of repression which led to the arrest and prosecution of 14 people in what is known as the Caso Bombas, or the Bombs Case. The 14 are charged with Illicit Terrorist Association (ie: Conspiracy), and with the transportation or placing of explosive devices in connection anti-state and anti-capitaist attacks on institutions in the country over the last 3 years.

Eight people were charged in Caso Bombas: Andrea Urzua, Camilo Perez, Carlos Rivera, Felipe Guajarado, Francisco Solar, Monica Caballero, Rodolfo Retamales and Pablo Morales; they have been in prison since August under "preventative detention."

On February 21st, 2011 seven of them began an indefinite hunger strike demanding their release as well as the end to the anti-terrorist law. On February 23rd, the conditional release of co-defendant companeros Vinicio Aguilera and Omar Hermosilla was revoked. Upon re-entering prison they too joined in the hunger strike.

Today is day 25 of the indefinite hunger strike begun by imprisoned anarchists in Chile. Click here for a the prison addresses and names of all of the "August 14," including the hunger strikers.

Anarchists in Santiago are organizing solidarity demonstrations, which take place every Wednesday. At least four demos have already taken place in Santiago, growing in size each time. Police have fired tear gas to break up the demonstrations, made numerous arrests and repeatedly targeted the radical dance group, Tinku.

In a recent statement, anarchist hunger striker Monika Caballero sent a message to all comrades acting in solidarity:

Have no doubt… this is a political trial. Today, just like before, anti-authoritarian ideas send chills down the spineless backs of those who love the law, so it is of utmost importance to propagate the ideas and encourage the different struggles that aim for the destruction of domination.

The road is complex, the enemy mocks using the filthiest tricks possible: from preventing the drinking of water to laughing during every checkup, but it does not matter, because for each one of their attacks my skin becomes even harder still.

I send a strong embrace to my known comrades (and those I don’t know), to all the restless and unmanageable bodies and minds in every latitude: make sure that the hunt never ends.

Thanks to those of you who filled the halls and street with light!!!Political prisoners from Aug. 14 on hunger strike to the streets!!!


- Monika Caballero

The Strikers Demands:

1. Immediate Freedom

2. An end to this Judicial-Political farce (The "bomb case")

3. An end to the investigation and an immediate trial

4. To not be processed under the anti-terrorist law, and the abolition of this law which is a vestige Pinochet dictatorship.

On March 15, 2011 four Mapuche political prisoners began a hunger strike as well. Their names are Jose Hueneche Reiman, Hector Llaitul Carrillanca, Jonathan Huillical Mendez and Ramon Llanquileo Pilquiman. All four are facing serious sentences under anti-terror laws and have previously engaged in hunger strikes.

Solidarity actions with the anarchist and social struggle strikers were reported in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Greece and Spain. There are likely actions which took place that are not recorded below.

Solidarity actions from the first 24 days of the hunger strike:

Concepcion, Chile - Blocked the streets with banners, leaflets and released pigeons! Again blocking the streets with banners.

Inquique, "Chile" - Painting of murals in the streets.

Valparaiso, Chile - Benefit concert.

Santiago, Chile - Bombing (unsure of the target), At least 4 demonstrations.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Painting murals in the streets.

La Paz, Bolivia - Information distribution with banners.

Athens, Greece - Bombing claimed in solidarity.

Thessaloniki, Greece - Occupation of the Chilean consulate.

Barcelona, Spain - Firebomb to a bank, broken windows to another and gluing the doors and cash machines of 15 other banks.

Madrid, Spain - Attack with rocks against a Peugot outlet and the Benetton store.

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