Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why you should support black PP/POWs and How

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Sundiata Acoli (Soon-dee-AH'-tah Ah-COH'-lee).
I'm a former member of the Black Panther Party and the Black
Liberation Army (BPP/BLA) who was captured on the New Jersey Turnpike
in 1973 and am now a Black Political Prisoner and Prisoner of War
(PP/POW) who's been held by the government for the last 37 years.

So why should you care about any of this or particularly,
why should you support Black PP/POWs? Well, maybe you shouldn't. If
you're happy with the way the US, and the world is going ~ and if you
want to see the US, and the West continue to dominate and oppress the
rest of the world ~ then you shouldn't support Black PP/POWs. If you
want to see one country, or one race or the capitalist system
continue to dominate other countries, other races and the world, then
you shouldn't support Black PP/POWs. And if you, yourself, are about
trying to dominate, manipulate or exploit other peoples, and
organizations for personal benefit then you definitely shouldn't
support black PP/POWs, or any other revolutionary PP/POWs, because
we're about ending racism in all its forms and wherever it exists,
plus we're about ending capitalism, sexism and all unjust oppressions
of people and life in general on earth and throughout the universe.

Now if you can relate to that ~ and are about freedom,
equality, human rights and self-determination for all people;
creating a non-exploitative, non-oppressive society and economic
system; making the world a better place and living in harmony with
other people, the environment and the universe ~ then you should
support Black PP/POWs cause that's what we're about and have been
about for generations, centuries and millenniums. But mostly you
should support Black PP/POWs, and all revolutionary PP/POWs, because
it's the right thing to do.

And last, how should you support them? Well, you should
support Black and all PP/POWs by supporting organizations that
support them and by contacting PP/POWs individually to ask how you
can best support them.


How you can support Sundiata Acoli

Contact the Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign at,

Contact Sundiata:
Acoli, Sundiata #39794-066
FCI Otisville, P.O. Box 1000, Otisville, NY 10963
Birthday: January 14, 1937

Sundiata is also receiving support from the Jericho Amnesty Movement>
and from the Anarchist Black Cross Federation. and Malcolm X Commemoration Committee

also the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

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