Friday, April 15, 2011

Tacoma Conference: No Border! No Nation! Stop Deportation!

Unmask NWDC April 5, 2011

The No Borders! No Nations! Conference is coming from a place of no
compromise—we harbor no false hopes that the government will tear down its
borders as much as we know the City of Tacoma will never shut down the
Detention Center. This conference will be a space for dialog surrounding
common enemies: ICE, borders, deportation, raids, and detention centers;
as well as common desires: the complete destruction of detention centers,
end to raids and deportation, and end to all borders from a perspective of

Presentation Topics:
- U.S. Immigration Policies: Past & Current
- Raids and Deportation
- GEO Group / I.C.E.
- Background & History of NWDC
- Corporate Involvement

Speakers include individuals from
groups such as El Comite, No More
Deaths, and the Bill of Rights Def-
ense Committee

12 - 5pm

King's Books
218 St Helens Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402


PDF for printing:

schedule for event TBA; check website for updates:


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