Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Radio Interviews with Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective, Denver ABC and UnmaskNWDC

Interviews recorded at Free Radio Olympia by DJ Questionmark on April 18,

Interview with Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

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Interview with Monica of the Chapel Hill, NC Prison Books Collective.
Monica talks about prison abolition and restorative justice as
alternatives to the prison system. She describes the collective's effort
to send books and zines to prisoners in the Southeast US, political
prisoner writing nights and maintaining a zine catalog of radical
literature. The group publishes monthly political prisoner birthday
posters for over a year that are free on the internet to download. The
posters encourage people to write to political prisoners on their
birthday. The collective also actively supports prisoners organizing in
North Carolina and reports on solidarity efforts.

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Interview with Denver Anarchist Black Cross

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Interview with Whitney from Denver Anarchist Black Cross about the group,
movement defense and the many mutual aid programs they have started.
Whitney talks about the updated political prisoner database, the war chest
program that raises funds for political prisoner's basic needs, the mutual
aid fund where local people get emergency loans for basic needs, the
Nurturing Liberation program that provides free childcare, political
prisoner writing nights and more.

Whitney elaborates on movement defense by commenting on internal and
external repression. How opposing snitch-jacketing and shit talking within
the movement is part of fighting government repression and supporting
political prisoners and people targeted by the state.

Denver Anarchist Black Cross is organizing a nation-wide conference in
August 2011.

Radio Interview on the North West Detention Center

Interview with Francine and Clere about the Northwest Detention Center in
Tacoma WA. They talk about the private immigration center as a source of
revenue for the city and profits for private investors. They also talk
about how current immigration policy detains people not convicted of a
crime. Resisting the detention center, they explain, is part of a greater
struggle to abolish national boundaries and prisons.

A conference called "No Border! No Nation! Stop Deportation!" happens
Saturday April 23 in Tacoma.

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About UnmaskNWDC from the blog:

One of the three largest private immigration detention centers in the
United States sits hidden amongst warehouses and parking lots in the port
of Tacoma, WA. This Northwest Detention Center, owned and operated by GEO
Group, began detaining undocumented people in 2004. This year the NWDC
expanded their facility, with the go-ahead from the City of Tacoma, and
can now detain 1500 people at any given time. This facility detains your
neighbors, co-workers, family members and friends. The large majority of
the folks being detained at this facility have never been convicted of a
crime. They have come to this country to escape poverty and persecution.
They have come here as a means to trying to provide better lives for
themselves and their families. The company that owns the Northwest
Detention Center, GEO Group, makes a profit off of the detainment and
deportation of people. The City of Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington State
and the federal government benefit financially off of this facility. This
company and these governmental bodies perceive the people being held at
the NWDC as commodity. When the motives behind oppressive and exploitative
acts are exposed, they can no longer be normalized. We can begin to draw
connections and make black and white what was formally gray. No longer can
we hope that the government will seize current immigration policies or
that the city will shut down the Northwest Detention Center. The hope is
that this blog will provide an avenue to unmask these unforgivable truths
and shed light on the fact that we cannot sit back and wait for those who
oppress to do what we must do ourselves. These matters are in our own
hands; it is our responsibility to act.

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