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Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011


Comrade Capers is currently in a bad situation
and needs all outside support he can get. He's
been put on Grade B (the hole) and is refused his
right to a fair hearing on the charges, as well
as to see a doctor. The CO's at San Quentin are
messing heavily with him since last December,
after they learned by reading his letters that
he's one of the people who founded UIM-FIRST.
They wrote him up for possessing a pen that he
got from the hobby craft manager in December. He
was allowed to have this pen, but was put on
Grade B for nearly two weeks, until they finally
asked the hobby craft manager about the pen. In
the meantime did they stress him out so bad, that
they had to take him to an outside hospital to
prevent him from suffering a heart attack. After
that, he was put back on Grade A and the charges
have been dropped.They openly hate on him for
being a Muslim and for being part of UIM-FIRST.
He was called a terrorist and especially three of
the CO's try to put him back on Grade B and mess
with him since then.One of them overheard how Mr.
Capers talked to a female officer and how he told
her he'd "cross her up if she continues to fuck
with him." He didn't threaten her with physical
violence! The female officer (Puerto Rican) and
her partner (African-American) knew he was using
street language and how he meant it, and
therefore didn't write him up. The other CO who
overheard them wrote him up for this statement on
April 6th, taking advantage of an opportunity to
put him on Grade B. The supervisor of the unit
refused to sign the rules violation report, and
the CO therefore went to another unit to get the
signature he needed. The reason why Mr. Capers
made this statement towards the female officer
was that she refused to give him complaint forms
he needed. He's sick since beginning of April and
wanted to see a doctor, because he's been
coughing blood, but they didn't give him an
appointment. He still didn't see a doctor until
today! He was put on Grade B on April 12th and
all his property has been taken. Photos of his
loved ones, food, clothes, writing material. Just
everything. On April 20th did he go before the
Institutional Classification Committee and was
denied his right to a fair trial. They are
supposed to schedule a hearing before they
finally find him guilty, but they didn't do it
because of "pending an investigation", and told
him they call him back sometime later. The
"investigation" can go on for months and until
then will he remain in the hole. He has a right
to this hearing to defend himself and present
witnesses, but when he tried to talk and asked
questions, was he told to be quiet and that "it
is not the time for him to speak." He HAS a
witness who will testify for him. This man was
present when the incident occurred and said there
was no problem until CO number 3 fabricated one.
One of the African-American CO's told him "These
white folks is after you Capers. They hate
you."The only way to get him a fair hearing and
medical treatment is outside support. They not
gonna stop until they see there are people
outside who watch them. The purpose of keeping
him on Grade B for as long as possible is to
interrupt all communication between him and the
outside. He's not allowed to use the phone, they
keep his mail for weeks, and he has no writing
material and stamps until somebody in there gives
him some. He needs urgently help, so if you are
willing to support him than please write the
warden. They usually fear attention from outside
and hopefully will it not only help to resolve
the current problems, but also prevent further
harassment for being part of UIM-FIRST and a Muslim.
The warden's address is :
Attn. to Warden Mike Martel
San Quentin, CA 94964

Mr. Caper's information is: Lee Samuel Capers
P.O. Box K-01264 (his CDCR #)
San Quentin, CA 94974

All help you can provide is much appreciated and
every letter makes a difference!!! Read his report about his situation at
Death Row Committee Prisoner Writings
Sabine Capers, UIM-FIRST Co-founder & Outside Coordinator

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