Saturday, April 30, 2011

May 3rd: Rev. Joy Powell court date - political prisoner for resisting police abuse

from Sarah Buckley

Hey Everyone, I wanted to give folks a heads up about Rev. Joy
Powell's court date scheduled for Tuesday May 3rd at 9:30am in Albion
New York. Rev. Joy Powell was an community activist and leader and
was targeted for her outspoken stance on Police Brutality &
misconduct, Gentrification and community empowerment. Joy drew strong
connections and connected the dots that led to the dis-empowerment
and oppression of her community. In Joy's words-

"...realizing violence and poverty ran hand in hand. I began to hold
press conferences concerning my strong views of injustice..."

There will be at least 2 cars leaving from buffalo at 8 am Tuesday May 3rd.

Message Sarah Buckley or contact me if you are
interested in coming. there is room!

We need to show that people like Joy are not alone and they have support.

We'll be heading to Albion to meet other supporters of Joys from
Rochester, NYC and Albany. This will be a great oppurtunity to stand
up for those took stands the community. This kind of underhanded,
illegal targeting of activists can not be tolerated. We have to stand
together. Please come out if you are interested contact me or 886-0544 there is room!

Brandon from Malcolm X Grassroots Movement was the one who informed
me of this and if you want more information of the group of people
coming from NYC please contact.
Brandon King

for more info about Rev. Joy Powell this website

Tuesday May 3rd,
Orleans County Courthouse, 9:30AM to 5:00PM

Orleans County Courthouse
Courthouse Square
3 South Main Street
Albion, NY 14411-1497
Ph: 585.589.4457

Rev. Joy Powell is an anti-police-brutality activist in Rochester,
NY. In 2006, she was framed and sentenced to 16 years at Rochester
State Penetentiary.

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