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Announcement of the 3 imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle concerning the use of Lambros Foundas’ name in the arson of the Law School in Athen

Announcement of the 3 imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle
concerning the use of Lambros Foundas’ name in the arson of the Law
School in Athens (Greece)

April 6, 2011 Anarchist News

Lambros Foundas gave his life fighting on the lines of the Revolutionary
Struggle, an urban guerilla organization that operated alongside the
exploited and oppressed.

He gave his life promoting a political project that aimed at the popular
and proletarian counterattack on the conditions of modern totalitarianism,
in which we live.

Our opinion as well as Lambros Foundas as members of the Revolutionary
Struggle is that armed struggle is an essential tool of social-class
struggle to overthrow capitalism and social revolution rather than a means
to an existential affirmation of the individualistic insurrectionary
experience of some.

This should be understood by all those who misuse the name of the our dead
comrade in supposedly “revolutionary” actions such as the arson of the Law
School in Athens (1). The actions of the Revolutionary Struggle has
nothing in common with such actions and the antisocial individualistic
reasoning that is behind them.

Unfortunately some did not understand our warning last December when
parcel bombs were sent to embassies in Rome where a low ranked embassy
employee was injured, and where we stressed not to carry out such
so-called “politically targeted” actions using the name of our dead
comrade. (2 & 3)

Unfortunately some people forced us to revert to preserve the political
memory and honour of our dead comrade. We hope this is the last time some
people use in such an abusive manner the name Lambros Foundas in unworthy
actions and non related to the actions of our comrade which do not honour

Also we should note that when actions are taken as “Commando Lambros
Foundas” – a name which has been used repeatedly after the death of the
comrade – because it gives the comrade the role of who acts, since his
name is the name of that group which acts, it is required to have a link
concerning the choices of action and the political words surrounding them
and a match of the resources used.

It is of course the same when an action in honor of the comrade is
accompanied by the slogan “Honour to Lambros Foundas”.

Obviously every comrade can honour him while respecting the choices of
struggle he made, and the political characteristics that we believe in are
well known.

The three imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle



(1) Excerpt from communique claiming responsibility for the arson attack
on the Athens law school:

“We watched with interest the hunger striker immigrants developing
political characteristics in their action. But with even greater interest
we watched the Greek state trample vested democratically rights with a
relatively great ease. At least now there will be no arguments for the
defense of the non-existent asylum. Thus in the more general
dissatisfaction we selected to strike the building of the Law School of
Athens. We into the door of the central amphitheater that is on the first
floor and placed in the interior many incendiary devices aiming at the
biggest possible destruction. We manufactured the mechanisms in such a way
that the critical hour there are no students in the building and find
themselves in a direct danger. We address a clear blackmail to democracy,
that if something happens to a hunger striker we will not hesitate to
strike also other buildings or even people-symbols of it.


International Revolutionary Front – Deviant Behaviour for the Spread of
Revolutionary Terrorism/ Cell of Anarchist Action”

(2 & 3) See here and here for more information.


Translated: by BoubourAs / Actforfreedomnow!

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