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Second Annual Law and Disorder Conference: April 15-17 2011, Portland State University

Dear Friends and Comrades,
Please post this far and wide. Read below for finalized
list of panels and events for the entire weekend. Please check out this
link if you can volunteer:

The Second Annual Law & Disorder Conference

Portland State University: Smith Memorial Building-3rd Floor

April 15-17th 2011

Friday(6pm-10pm), Saturday(9am-10pm), Sunday(9am-6pm)

*Free, open to the public and disability affirmative!

*This is a low impact conference- bring reusable cups, bowls and eating

*Safe Space Zone and childcare provided!


Ashanti Omowali Alston- The Jericho Movement

Chrystos- Native poet

Right 2 Survive

Evan Greer- Riot Folk

Kristian Williams- Local Author

Claude Marks- Freedom Archives

Jeff “Free” Luers – Former Eco-Political Prisoner

Lauren Regan- Civil Liberties Defense Center

Tre Arrow- Former Eco-Political Prisoner

People, movements, organizations and collectives will present alternative
accounts to the political dimensions of civic engagement, mutual aid and
revolution as they relate to economics, politics, invention, technology,
work, artistic and cultural production, the body, pedagogy and social
change. The conference promises to create a provocative space for
comparative critical dialogue between activists, revolutionaries, educators,
artists, musicians, scholars, dancers, actors and writers. The conference
will have panels and workshops on all aspects of social change from the
revolutionary to the academic.


Students for Unity, Student Animal Liberation Coalition, Pan American
Solidarity Organization, NW Student Coalition, The Jericho Movement, Connect
the Dots, Cascadia Rising Tide, Portland Animal Defense League, Safe

Civil Liberties Defense Center

For more information, please visit the conference website:

E-mail: lawandisorder@gmail.com


*Friday April 15th 2011*

* *

*5:30-8:00 Registration & Tabling (Vanport Room 338) *

*5:30-8:00 Political Prisoner Letter Writing (326)*

*5:30-10:00 Child Care (333) *

*5:30-8:00 Safe Space room (323)*

*8:00-9:00 Antonis Vradis and Dimitris Dalakoglou are editors of the
anarchist journal and blog Occupied London and members of the
antagonist movement in Greece and the UK. (327)*

*9:00-2:00 Afterparty at the Variant (4810 NE Garfield-Off NE
MLK:Wygant&Alberta) Performances by Holy!Holy!Holy!, Mic Crenshaw and

* *

*Saturday April 16th 2011*

* *

*10:30-11:45 Panels 1, 2 & 3 (327, 328 & 329)*

*Panel 1 (327)*

*Trauma, Inside and Out: Prison Life, Losing Friends, Police Abuse and *

Tre Arrow- Former Eco Political Prisoner

Jeff “Free” Luers- Former Eco Political Prisoner

Josh Harper (Pre-recorded lecture)- Former SHAC 7 animal rights Political

Lauren Regan- Director, Civil Liberties Defense Center

*Panel 2 (328)*

*Police Accountability and Police Abolition: Dilemmas, Paradoxes, and

Kristian Williams- Author of *Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in
America and American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination*. Member
of Rose City Copwatch, in Portland.

*Panel 3 (329)*

*Climate Justice: “Who has the power, who has the solutions?”*

Kim Marks, Rising Tide, Kari Koch, Climate Justice Portland, and special

* *

*1:00-2:30 Workshops 1, 2 & 3 (327, 328 & 329)*

*Workshop 1 (327)*

**The Art of Dismantling: Revolutionary Creativity for the Movement

Chrystos- Native, Queer, Poet

Jeff Campbell-Apostle, vocalist and community organizer, Denver CO

Mic Crenshaw- Emcee and community organizer

Chris Richards- Autonomous Music

Johnny Correa-Visual artist, queer activist

Roger Peet-Visual artist, printmaker, Justseeds Cooperative member

*Workshop 2 (328)*

*Political Prisoner Support and the Jericho Movement*

Ed Mead- Seattle Jericho and former Political Prisoner

Mark Cook- Seattle Jericho and former Political Prisoner

Larry Giddings- Seattle Jericho and former Political Prisoner

* *

*Workshop 3 (329)*

*Everyone's Doing It, It's Cool Right? Right?; or, should I go to law school
to become a "radical" lawyer or to school to become a "radical" legal

Kenneth A. Kreuscher- Local movement attorney and member of the Portland Law
Collective and the National Lawyers Guild.

Hudson Munoz- Local legal worker with the Portland Law Collective.

Logan Perkins- Law student and activist in environmental direct-action
activism and in rural organizing.

* *

* *

*3:00-4:15 Panels 3, 4, 5 & 6 (327, 328, 329 & Ballroom)*

*Panel 3 (327)*

***Religious Repression and the Struggle for Native Culture in Prison*

**Paulette Dauteuil- Co-chair of the Jericho Movement

Chrystos- Native Queer Poet

* *

*Panel 4 (328)*

*The Practical is Radical: Subverting the Dominant Paradigm through
Fertility Awareness, Acupressure and Organizing a Women’s Health Collective*

Corinne Wolcott- Chinese Medicine practitioner, PDX IWW

Samantha Zipporah-Professional birth doula

*Panel 5 (329) *

*COINing Repression: The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency***

Will Munger- Senior in anthropology at Reed College. His research attempts
to unpack history and theory while clarifying the politics behind the
domestic application of counterinsurgency.

*Panel 6 (Ballroom)*

*The Freedom Archives*

Claude Marks- Director of the Freedom Archives and former Political Prisoner

* *

*4:30-5:45 Panels 7, 8, 9 & 10 (327, 328, 329 & Ballroom)*

*Panel 7 (327)*

*Political Prisoners in Colombia in U.S. Built Prisons***

Bruce Wilkinson is Project Coordinator and board member for Media Island
International a 501c3 nonprofit in Olympia, WA.

*Panel 8 (328)*

**Sex Worker Politics and Repression

Stephanie Boston- Portland Animal Defense League/Cascadia Rising Tide

*Panel 9 (329)*

**Patriarchy and the Prison Industrial Complex

Evan Greer- Riot Folk

* *

*Panel 10 (Ballroom)*

*“Green is the new red!”: Updates on Earth and Animal Liberation Political

Lauren Regan- Civil Liberties Defense Center

*6:30-7:00 Performance: Chrystos *

*7:00-8:00 Keynote speaker- Ashanti Omowali Austin (Ballroom)*

*8:30-10:00 COINTELPRO 101 Film Screening (5th Avenue Cinema)*

*8:00-2:00 Afterparty at the Variant (4810 NE Garfield-Off NE

* *

*Sunday April 17th 2011*

* *

*10:30-11:45 Panels 1, 2, 3 & 4 (327, 328, 329 & Ballroom)*

* *

*Panel 1 (327) *

*Revolutionary Environmentalism*

Dillon Thomson- Lead lecturer and archivist for Fertile Ground

*Panel 2 (328)*

**Local Animal Rights Activism

Portland Animal Defense League

*Panel 3 (329)*

**Participatory Economics and Latin American Politics

Peter Bohmer- Activist scholar (Evergreen College)

*Panel 4 (Ballroom)*

*Alternatives to EMS/Police*

Rosehip Medic Collective and Rosecity Copwatch

* *

* *

*1:00-2:30 Workshops 1, 2 & 3 (327, 328 & 329)*

* *

*Workshop 1 (327)*

*Connect the Dots 101: White Supremacy and the Prison Industrial Complex*

The Committee to Connect the Dots- Local collective

*Workshop 2 (328)*

*Community Alternatives to the Police*

Community Alternatives to the Police- Local collective

*Workshop 3 (329)*

**Criminalization of Survival

Right 2 Survive- Local organization of homeless people of circumstances, the
formerly homeless, and their allies.

*2:45-4:00 Panels 5, 6, 7 & 8 (327, 328, 329 & Ballroom)*

* *

*Panel 5 (327)*

*Repression and Hope in Honduras *

Gerardo Torres- Spokesperson for the US and Canada of the International
Commission of the National Front of Popular Resistance, Coordinator of
Political Education of the National Front of Youth Movements in Resistance
of Honduras.

*Panel 6 (328)*

**Addicted to Failure: US Drug War Policy in the Americas

Sanho Tree- Internationally acclaimed human rights advocate and drug war
policy analyst.

*Panel 7 (329)*

*GI Rights Movement and Resistance: From Past to Present*

Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 and Iraq Veterans Against War

*Panel 8 (Ballroom) *

*Striking Based Self Defense***

Anthony Patch- Local Muay Thai instructor

*4:00-6:00 Closing Planery Session (Ballroom)*

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