Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Communiqué from Stefania and Anna, two of the comrades arrested in Bologna on April 6 2011

April 17, 2011 by Gabriella Segata Antolini War on Society

letter from two comrades in the Fuoriluogo case. Source: actforfreedomnow

To all delinquents who have expressed solidarity

Solidarity has come strong and abundant with letters and telegrams, which
have been so numerous to make the guards go into a tailspin, and some were
even sent by registered post to make sure they arrived. This really warms
up our heart.

The charge for those arrested, for those subjected to restrictions and for
all the comrades investigated is ‘organized crime’.

Already used against the comrades in Lecce as a more appropriate charge
compared to that of ‘subversive association’ and also employed in other
legal procedures as in a case in Turin, now even the Digos of Bologna have
pulled it out of their hat to hit at their nightmare in town. But the
Bologna Digos have added something of their own and have said ‘with aims
of subversion’.

After describing Fuoriluogo as a site where numerous internal and overseas
initiatives are organized and depicting the link between us as strong and
intense, they list a long series of ‘illegal activities’ carried out
singularly or collectively, which are nothing more than well known penal
procedures under way, where some of us have already been put on trial and
paid a high price and others will be in the future. They are charges of
resistance, damages, private violence, non authorized demos etc etc. The
usual charges that weight on those who carry out struggles that disturb

From all this to the charge of ‘organized crime’ the reasoning becomes
obscure, the noise of the crack on the mirror can be heard. But that’s it.
Once they have built their structure, even if it is groundless and absurd,
it will be up to us to dismantle it. So they do and so it is. Then, once
again they have talked of leaders, vice-leaders and soldiers. They always
try this path because it is their way to hit and because they really
cannot understand that people can have different kinds of relationships.
They want ‘to demonstrate’ that there is a leader because the comrade in
question [Stefania, translator’s note] is very much involved in gathering
data to be exposed in leaflets and to be used for the success of
initiatives. During a telephone conversation with a comrade who found it
hard to be present at a demo due to money problems, this comrade
identified as ‘leader’ encouraged him to be present anyway by saying to
him: ‘Come on, we will find the money, someone will provide it’ – of
course by making recourse to her usual way of speaking that many know.

In short, a series of well known episodes and phone tagging like that just
mentioned constitute the plot of the Bologna Digos, supported by a public
prosecutor with some pebbles in her shoes.

We two in the female wing are okay. We are still separate and in
isolation. We receive mail but maybe not all of it.

We send you a big hug and we keep on struggling with you for a world
without fences, be them material or generated by induced fear and
shabbiness. Without servants or bosses with their infamy and harmfulness.

We will be together soon but, as someone said in a telegram, if it is us
to reach you it will be better.

Stefi and Anna

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