Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Political Prisoners on War Resisters & Honoring Mumia Abu Jamal's B-day

Saturday, April 23 · 7:30pm - 10:00pm

Sanctuary Wholistic Arts
2737 Cambridge Street
Philadelphia, PA

April 23rd, at 7:30pm, the "Questioning Incarceration Coalition" would like to
invite everyone to join us for a cultural event, with art, music, and poetry, that
will focus on solidarity between US Political Prisoners, and War Resistors.

Statements will be read from the writings of political prisoners and former
political prisoners such as:
Marshall Eddie Conway
Maroon Shoatz
...David Gilbert
Mumia Abu Jamal
Safiya Bukhari
Lynne Stewart
Women of the MOVE 9

Special Guests: Pam Africa from the ICFFMAJ and the MOVE organization, and Russell
Maroon Shoatz III, speaking about his father, Political Prisoner Russell Maroon

Also, Performances by Kevin Price,
Bohiti, I Abdul Jon, Joseph Xavier Mack

**We will be honoring the birthday of death row political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal.
Mumia is on deathrow facing imminent execution and continues to report on
international social justice issues. Mumia has been been writing in opposition to US
led wars and occupations throughout and prior to his 1981 conviction.

***Saturday April 23rd, Sanctuary Wholistic Arts, 2737 Cambridge Street
Philadelphia, PA
--donations will be collected to help pay for the venue


Free All PPs said...

Cool. FYI, in California antiwar vets had a couple forums recently making the connection between the torture of Bradley Manning, U.S. torture against int'l prisoners and torture of U.S. political prisoners:

They had a series of speaking events with:
- Eddie Ellis calling in from prison (original BPP political prisoner)
- Susan Rosenberg, former political prisoner and Lexington Control Unit political prisoner (early solitary confinement experiment for women political prisoners)
- in conversation with Ray McGovern (former CIA analyst)
- different antiwar vets, like projects defending vets facing court martial for not going to Afghanistan, a father whose son killed himself after serving in Iraq in a unit involved in torture, Veterans for Peace (Vietnam)

antiwar vet cosponsors included:
- The Veterans Project
- U.S. Tour of Duty
- Veterans for Peace-Chapter 007 & another

fyi, you might want to reach out to Veterans for Peace, US Tour of Duty, Vietnam Veterans Against War, Iraq Veterans Against War, War Resisters League, Bradley Manning Support Group, etc.

No New PPs said...

One last idea, there is a group of 23 antiwar and solidarity activists united against not testifying before a grand jury. These grand jury subpoenas are the FBI trying to create a whole new generation of political prisoners based on the Patriot Act and the material support of terrorism ruling by the supreme court. They are connecting their cases with that of recent Muslim political prisoners and are very open to connecting with pre-9/11 political prisoners, and have done so with events in other cities. Work with them too, Peace.