Friday, April 29, 2011

Jericho Amnesty Movement LA chapter mtg Sat, 2:00 PM at So Cal Library

The LA chapter of Jericho Amnesty Movement will meet tomorrow,
Saturday April 30 at 2:00 PM (following a noon meeting of the Peoples
Justice Conference planning committee) at the Southern California
Library for Social Studies and Research, 6120 S. Vermont Ave., Los
Angeles (between Slauson and Gage). The main agenda item is planning
for the Jericho workshop at the Peoples Justice Conference May 14 at
LA Trade Tech College, in the form of a "courtroom drama" style
People's Trial of the State for human rights violations and crimes
against humanity in the case of the political prisoners and
liberation movements.

here's the script outline:

Proposed Jericho People's Trial on Human Rights Violations against
Political Prisoners for Peoples Justice Conference

The proposal is to stage a mock trial of "The People vs. The State"
on charges of perjury, murder, torture, human rights violations, and
crimes against humanity. We would have a presiding judge or panel,
and a lawyer representing the People (perhaps Nana Gyamfi and/or
James Simmons? Guillermo Suarez?), a defense attorney for the State
(a ringer, perhaps Jim Lafferty or Colleen Flynn from NLG?), and a
series of witnesses for the People, plus one witness for the State
(someone in an Obama mask). (3-5 minutes to present indictments, cast)

Witnesses for the People:

Hank Jones or Ray Boudreaux or other Panther elder -testify about
torture, frame-ups, assassinations and shoot-out under direct
examination, relate to continuing attack on SF 8.
Cross-examination: Weren't you gun toting radicals? Defense of
self-defense plus explanation of other survival programs (10-12 minutes)

Lawrence Reyes - testify about Puerto Rican Nationalists, Young
Lords, Macheteros, etc, relate to Vieques and continuing struggles of
students, labor.
Cross examination: Weren't these people guilty of seditious
conspiracy to overthrow the govt of the US in Puerto Rico? Defense of
right to independence and self-determination (10-12 minutes)

Shorter testimony: Native (Corine of SB AIM?) re Peltier, other human
rts violations (5-7 min)
Chicano/Mexicano (Meztli of Brown Riders) re: Alvaro Luna Hernandez,
Ramsey Muniz, ICE raids (5-7 min)
Asians (Mo Nishida re Asian/PI prisoners) (5-7 min)
European descent (Michael Novick re: Dave Gilbert, Tom Manning,
Marilyn Buck, read from Daniel McGowan). Cross-examination: Don't
people have their constitutional right to remain silent?
Counter-attack on Grand Jury/FBI witch-hunt (5-7 minutes)

General T.A.C.O. - testify on impact on community of destruction of
BPP (drugs, criminal mentality, mass incarceration, unchecked police
terror), continuing attacks on freedom fighters (BR3, LA2, ankle GPS).
Cross examination: Aren't you crazy radicals who plot to attack
police stations? Defense of above-ground self-defense, watch-a-pig
programs. (10-12 minutes)

Prosecution rests.

Defense calls Obama: These are all sad events of the past for which
Bill Clinton has already apologized. I am proof that US is now a
post-racial democracy. Cross-examination: Aren't you just a front man
for empire? Remove Obama mask to reveal skull mask underneath it. (5 minutes)

Defense (State) summation: We did and do the same thing any state
does to protect its interests and profits. (1 min)

Prosecution (People's ) summation: Guilty or murder (Fred Hampton),
torture (SF8, Sekou Odinga), perjury (Geronimo, Mumia, Peltier),
crimes against humanity (MOVE bombing). (2 min)

Judge addresses audience: ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you
reached a verdict?:

All: Guilty as charged

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