Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Krakow banner drop in Solidarity with the prisoners in Greece and Chile

April 22, 2011 Infoshop news

In response to solidarity demonstrations for the political prisoners on
Saturday in Greece and bearing in mind the solidarity week for the Chilean
fighters we decided to take some initiatives in Krakow, Poland the place
where solidarity movement was born and where it seems this word has been
forgotten. This is the first in a series of actions that will take place.

We can be easily distracted by Krakow's luring and picturesque
architecture and vibrant nightlife, or its rich history. But what is the
point of learning about this history of struggle and visiting museums if
we forget about the struggles of the present? Let us not be discouraged by
the spectacle created by and for tourists, police presence everywhere, the
surveillance cameras or even the bizarre existence of neo-nazis. Because
as with uprisings of the past, this city, this country, harvests the seeds
of rebellion in every corner.

With love and rage deep in our hearts we ignore the risks.

Burn the prisons!


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