Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Solidarity-Demonstration for White-Russian Prisoners in Berlin

As repression starts against ou comrades starts it was clear that there has to
be a protest-rally to White-Russian Embassy. It happend last friday. 80
people showed their solidarity with the jailed and opressed Anarchists in

There was a loud demonstration from Boxhagener Platz (central place in
Berlin-Friedrichshain) to the Embassy of White-Russia (nearby the soviet
cenotaph in Treptower Park).

There was heavily controls, even at noninvolved. Because of that some
activists didn come to demonstration. There was no arrests, no close fights,
or anything else.

Leaflets about were distributed to folks around.

The Ambassador told the police the embassy-workers can't work when there's a
demonstration. That is why we could not go in front of the embassy. That is
what police was doing.

There was also a "so called" White-Russian TV-Team (A Women as a Reporter, a
Cameraman). They tried to take a picture of every Member of the demonstration
an to interview folks. Something the Camera of these provocators was beaten
away. This fact was not interesting for them. Police was irritating, they
said "media is for you".

The belorussian "Journalists" asks frequently direct questions. "Wich
organisation was organising this", why are the folks here to do something
agains White-Russia. All Imprisoned are out, so we have no right to
demonstrate. It is forbidden to call Lukaschenko the "last dictator of
europe". We told her to make a complaint at the police because of that. She
did not. Only White-Russians have the right to do something. They wanted to
find white-russians. That much about "independent journalism" in
White-Russia. In 2003 there was also a demonstration in front of the
belorussian embassy because of the ban of navinki.

The so called TV told the whole time they want to go home fast, but they stay
until the end. They drove out of the Assembly in the end.

The Demonstrators shouted: "Long live international/ antinational
Solidarity!", "Swoboda sjem Anarchista!", "Freedom for all (whiterussian)
Prisoners!", "One Solution -
Revolution!", "A-Anti-Anticapitalista!", "White-Russia - Policestate – We are
full of you!", "Viva la Revoltion!" and lots more.

Lots of groups were interested in this theme. The demonstrators was mostly
anarchists. The only flags was a anarchist Black and an anarchosyndicalist
black-red one.

On the way folks came into demonstration spontaneously, russian-speakers, too.

On Russian Language there was Speeches of Lukaschenko. Lukaschenko says
positiv things about Hitler and that Hitler was an important man. He further
says: "Folks with criticisms are a problem! No Folks – No Problem!" then you
hear a shot. A big part of the non-russian speakers did not get the point
about this.

For every case Police had a translater there. There was no Censorship, but a

All things consiered it was a strong Demonstration (in Comparision with the
political situation in Berlin and the political and geographical distace to

bisherige Berichte zur Demonstration

Indymedia Belorus

Austrian Solidarity-actions

Such kind of Demonstration can only be a beginning! Freedom for all Prisoners!
Stop every inquiry and incrimnations!

With anarchist Greetings

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