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Mexican Vegan Prisoners Support Group

ELP Information Bulletin (4th September 2010)

Dear friends

ELP thought you might like to know about a new prisoner support group that has been
set up in Mexico. Please see below e-mail.

Vegan Prisoners Support Group Formed in Mexico: "Until the End"

- This prisoner support group supporting anti-civilization (animal and earth
liberation) of Mexico was formed due to the urgent need to support our comrades who
have fallen into the dungeons of the enemy.

- With the expansion that has taken place in the fight for animal and earth
liberation in Mexico, the state has implemented forms of repression against
anarchists and eco cells, and against the anarchist movement in general in a battle
to the death. During the last few years in Mexico, individuals have fallen into the
dungeons of different individual Mexican states; it is now time, as Anarchists, to
set aside fear and deal directly with the threat against freedom.

So far there are two prisoners in Mexico, eco-anarchists who are locked up; their
sentences in prison promise to be "exemplary" for those who are breaking with the
reality imposed on the rest of us. Their names are Abraham Lopez Magdaleno Martinez
and Adrian Gonzales; this group seeks to aid them both in and out of prison, to
avoid any pitfalls that those who fight victoriously for revolution might have to
face someday.

- Critics of our struggle and the anarchist ideas have ensured that these two
prisoners often lack concrete support; they need instead a break inside the prison,
so we decided to form this group called "Until the End".

It is essential for the revolutionary struggle for a group to take a hand in the
matter of prisoners, and more so if they have a different diet to that of other
prisoners (vegetarian or vegan) and if you are claimed as prisoners at war.

The struggle for total liberation apparently is new to the ears of many, but these
ideas have been building and developing for several years in Mexico; only since
September of last year has there been more public presence of anarchists and
eco-cells, including insurrectionary attacks with explosives that obviously have
since become of concern to the authorities in each city where they have had the
presence of direct action anarchists.

- Our comrades are Abraham and Adrian, imprisoned for trying to halt those
immediately responsible for the expansion and the imminent destruction and
domestication of the wild that is actually perpetrated by the current dominant
regime, whose goal is the domestication and control of nature and the universe.

Anarchist comrades were not passive before such a spectacle, and in their correct
beliefs tried to confront the mega machine; however they were captured, so now this
group is how we can give them more solid support.

- Support fellow prisoners in any way you can and want, words of encouragement,
poems, drawings, poetic terrorism, actions in your daily struggle, legal advice
(lawyer), economically, etc.

- IMPORTANT NOTE: we as a support group do not belong to any direct action cell, we
have nothing to do with them. We disclaim all illegal actions that take place in the
future claiming to support Adrian and Abraham, we're just a group of individuals who
attempt to be a practical support for prisoners and Anarchist comrades that may need
our support in the future.

PS: For any Anarchist individuals, or groups that want to support and help shape
this project, do not hesitate to contact us; we know that organizing a support group
is not easy, so ask the support and solidarity with other prisoners and their
supporters.With this group, Until the End, we hope to become a strong and concrete
support for the hostages of the state.


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Current status of prisoners:

Abraham López Martínez: Young vegan anarchist and minor imprisoned on December 15
last year, during an inflammatory action in the Tlalpan delegation City, where nine
cars of a bourgeois fractionation were burned to scrap and a bomb exploded
destroying the front of a Harley Davidson branch, an action that was claimed by the
Front de Liberation de la Terre (FLT). Abraham is locked in Adolescents Care Agency
in Cologne Narvarte, accused of damage to private property and conspiracy /

Presently his case is under review because the judge took away the crime of
subversive association, so the MP which they may appeal a sentence which does not
meet bail.
You can write letters of support:

Magdaleno Adrian Gonzales: Young anarchist and vegan of 22 years, detained on 4
February this year, accused of detonating a butane gas bomb in a subway car vacuum
in Mexico City Taxqueña-terminal station. Adrian is located in the north of the City
Prison, accused of threatening social peace and damage to private property; it also
charged him with cans of gas explosion from a Banamex on September 25 last year in
the Milpa Alta.

The final sentence for Adrian is 7 years 11 months, does not meet bail and will have
to meet those years in prison.
You can write letters of support to:

[Any deficiencies in translation are purely the fault of the North American Animal
Liberation Press Office.]

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