Friday, September 24, 2010

Alert: FBI Raids On Activists [Updated!]

September 24, 2010 by Jimmy Higgins

I just saw a Facebook post from Steff Yorek, whom I have known for many years, in Minneapolis. It reads, in full,

The FBI is executing a search warrant on our house right now. The claim to be looking for evidence of material support for so-called Foreign Terrorist Organizations. The FARC and PFLP are mentioned by name. This is taking place in multiple cities across the country. I have been served with a warrant to appear before a Grand Jury. It's an outrageous fishing expedition.

Steff further reports that they have lawyered up--and clammed up.

I have no way of knowing how broad this attack is and whether it is limited to supporters of the Colombian and Palestinian struggles, or if other groups on the FTO list are included. Please post any further information you have as a comment, and if they knock on your door, warrant or no, remember that YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY REQUIRED TO SAY ANYTHING TO THEM.

So don't.


Early news stories say that six houses in Minneapolis and two in Chicago have been raided. No arrests at this point, but Grand Jury warrants served. A Facebook post reports workplace visits to harass activists as well.

This short description of your rights in such a situation, by the Center for Constitutional Rights, is a must read for everyone, even if you think you've never done anything that might attract the attention of the Feds.

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