Thursday, September 16, 2010

Community and Resistance Tour coming this Saturday to Pittsburg, the 18th!

Greetings friends,
As a reminder, FedUp! is bringing the Community and Resistance Tour to Pittsburgh
this Saturday!

Members of the tour are coming this Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 7 pm at the
Shadow Lounge in East Liberty at 5972 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15206

We are asking for a $5-10 donation for the presenters to help continue their
tour...but no one will be turned away!

And everyone's invited!

Here's more information:

The Community and Resistance Tour seeks to communicate about current struggles for
justice and liberation, from the current BP Oil Drilling Disaster devastating the
Gulf Coast to nooses hung in the northern Louisiana town of Jena. From women
organizing inside prisons to cultural resistance. The tour also seeks to connect
communities of liberation, and to build relationships between grassroots activists
and independent media. This tour is for anyone interested in issues of health care,
education, criminal justice, housing, or the ways in which systems of racism,
patriarchy and other forms of oppression intersect with these struggles.

The amazing two speakers coming to our fair city are:
Jesse Muhammad and Jordan Flaherty.

Jesse Muhammad is a journalist, blogger, experienced community organizer, national
motivational speaker, and social media strategist. Brother Jesse has served as a
writer for The Final Call Newspaper since 2004 and receives rave reviews for his
reporting on hard-hitting stories that impact the community. He gained worldwide
recognition for his consistent coverage of Hurricane Katrina survivors and was
credited with bringing national and international attention to the case of the "Jena

Jordan Flaherty is a writer and community organizer based in New Orleans. He was the
first writer to bring the story of the Jena Six to a national audience, and his
award-winning reporting from the Gulf Coast has been featured in a range of outlets
including the New York Times, Mother Jones, and Argentina's Clarin newspaper.

For even more information, please visit:

Please come! and spread the word!


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