Friday, September 10, 2010

About situation with arrested in Minsk

A random collection of people have been arrested, from radical anarchists to a
Green Party member, even 2 Nazis - alltogether 11 persons this far.

Chances are high that people will be released in few days, but
we must work for it. They are held in juridicial limbo, detained for 3 days,
then formally released but immediately detained suspected of other crimes.
This far apparently

-first 3 days - arrest connected to arson attack against Russian embassy in
solidarity with Khimki hostages
-Second 3 days - arrest connected to attack against yellow (government
controlled) trade union last spring
-Following 3 days (going on now) - arrest connected to attack against bank

I do not know how many open political cases they have remaining, but some
people counted 8 possible arson attacks during year, so that would sum up to
24 days. In another hand, for each of these they have right to detain people
for 10 days without pressing charges, that would mean 80. No idea what are
plans of cops, but this is just to give some general idea what is going on.

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