Wednesday, September 08, 2010

October 5-15: Take Action! Days of Action for Ahmad Sa'adat


The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat + +

Imprisoned Palestinian leader Ahmad Sa'adat will be returning to court in
mid-October 2010 challenging his isolation and the isolation of Palestinian
political prisoners in Israeli prisons. Write letters today and take action from
October 5-15, 2010 in support of Palestinian prisoners' struggle for freedom -
demand an end to isolation!

Ahmad Sa'adat, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine, has been held in isolation in a series of prisons since March 16, 2009,
with his isolation renewed again and again by occupation courts. He has been
transferred from prison to prison, and is currently held in the isolation section of
Ramon prison in the Naqab desert. Within these isolation units, Sa'adat has been
placed further inside a separate isolation unit where he is confined without access
even to the other prisoners in isolation, and deprived of basic human rights. His
personal books have been confiscated and he is allowed access to newspapers only
once or twice weekly. He is denied access to English and Arabic language newspapers
and allowed only Hebrew-language media.

He has been repeatedly denied family visits - his wife, Abla, has been allowed only
two visits during his entire period in isolation - as well as legal visits, and
barred from purchases at the prison canteen, including cigarette purchases. In the
prison yard, Sa'adat has been held handcuffed and in ankle shackles and allowed only
one-hour of exercise/recreation. The Prison Administration is attempting to
criminalize the human and social relationship between fellow Palestinian prisoners,
and between the prisoners and their families outside.

Sa'adat has led in the struggle against isolation, engaging in a nine-day hunger
strike in 2009 in protest of isolation. Isolation is damaging and destructive to the
mental and physical health of Palestinian prisoners, and is being used as a
political weapon in order to punish and isolate Palestinian prisoner leaders. Some
prisoners have been subject to isolation for years at a time, with severe effects.
Take action now to fight isolation and demand the freedom of Ahmad Sa'adat and all
Palestinian prisoners!


1. The Campaign in Solidarity with Ahmad Sa'adat in Palestine is calling upon all
supporters to write letters to the Israeli Prison Service and demand they end the
practice of isolation, end human rights violations, and free Palestinian prisoners.
Send an email to the Bureau of the Minister of Public Security at
and to the Public Complaints Department at, and copy the
Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Office of the Prime Minister, 3, Kaplan
Street, PO Box 187, Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem, Israel, Fax: +972- 2-651 2631,

Mr. Menachem Mazuz, Attorney General, Fax: + 972 2 627 4481; + 972 2 628 5438; +972
2 530 3367

Brigadier General Avihai Mandelblit, Military Judge Advocate General, 6 David Elazar
Street, Hakirya, Tel Aviv, Israel, Fax: +972 3 608 0366, +972 3 569 4526, Email:,

Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations Office and Specialized
Institutions in Geneva, Avenue de la Paix 1-3, 1202 Geneva, Fax: +41 22 716 05 55,
You may use our online form at:

2. Write a letter to Ahmad Sa'adat. Letters of support are important and demonstrate
solidarity with Ahmad Sa'adat and Palestinian prisoners - let him know that the
world is demanding his freedom. Email the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat at with your letters, or use our contact form at: We will send all letters received to
Palestine. We also encourage you to write to him directly using this address: Ahmad
Sa'adat, Ramon Prison, Ramon area, PO Box 699, Postal Code 80600, Israel.

1. October 5-15, 2010 will be international days of action in support of Ahmad
Sa'adat and Palestinian prisoners and against isolation. Join us! Hold an event,
protest or action in your city. Email the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat at to be added to the global list of actions.

2. Distribute the Free Ahmad Sa'adat flyer: in your town, city, event or
location! Bring the flyers to events and activities, or hold a flyer distribution at
a public place.

3. Protest outside the Israeli embassy or consulate in your location(
and demand the immediate freedom of Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian political

Ahmad Sa'adat has been imprisoned since 2002 in the prisons of the Palestinian
Authority, held under U.S. and British guard, until his abduction by the Israeli
occupation forces on March 14, 2006 by an occupation military raid on Jericho
prison. On December 25, 2008, he was sentenced to thirty years inside the occupation
prisons. He is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and one of the
foremost Palestinian national leaders held inside the occupier's jails.

Ahmad Sa'adat and approximately 7,000 Palestinian prisoners are daily on the front
lines, confronting Israeli oppression and crimes. Today, it is urgent that we stand
with Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian prisoners against these abuses, and for
freedom for all Palestinian prisoners and for all of Palestine!

The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat

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