Saturday, September 04, 2010

An attempt on life of anarchist anti-fascist in Moscow

A 25-year old Vladimir Skopintsev is registered in Troick, one of the numerous
towns of Moscow region. He is an anarchist and known as the member of
groups “PolitZek” and “Change the world without taking power”. Both groups
have several thousands of fans. His photos and registration address were
frequently posted on fascist web-pages, along with demands of execution.

Vladimir’s father and younger brother - 21-year old Andrew- were present at
home in the evening hours of September the 2nd, when an attempt on Vladimir's
live took place. What follows is Andrew Skopintsev’s take on the events:

Somewhere around 11 pm Andrew went out on the balcony to talk over the cell
phone. And next moment a bullet hit the wall 30 centimeters away from his
head. He heard the noise of a car taking off from the scene. Militia was
immediately notified of an attempted murder. According to Andrew, the
preliminary analysis showed that he was fired at from a hand-made firearm.

Cops examined the crime scene, and insisted that Andrew and his father to
accompany them to the town’s police department (UVD). After the formal
interrogation, father was asked to wait in the corridor, and young man was
taken in one of the offices for interrogation.

Cops decided not to go lightly on the guy, who had just miraculously escaped
death. He was interrogated by two unidentified agents, who were most probably
the employees of “centre E” (“antiextremist” police division in Russia).

“They interrogated me Gestapo-style. I was shouted at, abused. They demanded
that I “tell everything” about my brother and myself. Took my ID and cell
phone by force, copied all the numbers from the phone-book. I was beaten up,
but they did it carefully - so that no evidence of it remained.” - This are
the words of Andrew, who was lucky to escape from the police department.

Andrew and his father spent whole night in the department and escaped - for
lack of better word - in the morning. Formally they were not detained, but
Andrew’s ID were confiscated until “the arrival of our boss” in cops’

As of this moment, Andrew Skopintsev is consulting with local human rights

Russian original: Novaya Gazeta,

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