Sunday, September 05, 2010

For two days six detainees are under arrest in connection with the attack on the embassy of Russia.

Sept. 3 about 6 o’clock in the morning seven non-government activists
were arrested by law enforcement bodies of Belarus. Six of them are held
38 hours in custody in the detention center of Minsk. The detainees were
interrogated about their involvement in the pelting Molotov cocktails at
the embassy of Russia in Minsk. Young people jointly rent an apartment
in one district of Minsk. At 6-20 am a doorbell rang , one of the young
men opened the door and law enforcement officers in civilian clothes
immediately burst in the apartment.

All were present at the time in the apartment were taken to GUBOP
Interior Ministry for questioning, the apartment was searched, five
computers, two laptops, mobile phones, money, posters and magazines were
confiscated. One of the detainees had been interrogated as a witness in
a criminal case of an attack on the embassy of Russia and released about
19 hours. Another six people – Bogachek Igor, Khotina Valeria, Slusar
Serge, Dedok Nicholas, Zhingerovsky Alexei and Franzkevich Alexander –
are still in the detention center of Minsk in the street Okrestsin.
Relatives and friends are not able to contact them. The maximum period
of detention without charge in Belarus is 72 hours.

September 4, another activist was detained, his apartment was also
searched. After the interrogation the detainee was released.

Still unknown the location of missing Anton Kalenkovich.

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