Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Philadelphia Anti-Racist BBQ Oct. 9, 2010 - near KSS' favorite Viking Statue

On Oct. 9, 2010, we invite everyone to a Anti-Racist Gathering and BBQ in
Fairmont Park, Philadelphia to celebrate and honor the indegenois people of
America and to strengthen our efforts against racism and fascism across the

Oct. 9 falls on the Columbus Day weekend, a day set aside to "honor" a man who
was responsible for starting what led to the genocide of the Native American
people. In addition, since 2006, a neo-Nazi ...organization has set aside this
weekend to hold what they called a Leif Ericsson Day Celebration at Fairmont
Park, particularly at a statue on Boathouse Row for Thorafinn Karlsefeni, a
Viking who was chased out of Newfoundland by the Native tribes after three
years because unlike other Viking clans, his colony disrespected the land and
its people. Last year, that "celebration" was opposed by antifa who prevented
the Nazi group from holding a successful event. It was the last public event
for that organization, and it hasn't been announced if they or any other
organization will hold such an event this year. It is quite possible that they
may be there as we are gathered.

Regardless of what plans may be made by others it is time for this day and this
weekend to be reclaimed from those who wish to celebrate and perpetuate
genocide. In recent months we have seen openly racist attacks on people of
color under the guise of fighting "illegal" immigration, terrorism and crime.
Those responsible for those attacks had the audacity to hold a rally on the
steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King,
Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech". But there are efforts to beat that back. We saw
it on Sept. 11 in New York City, when Muslims and progressives came out to
counter the hatemongering of those opposed to the Islamic Center near the World
Trade Center. On Oct. 2, there will be another rally by progressive people to
call upon this society to fight back against all of their efforts. The
Anti-Racist Gathering will be among many events to encourage the efforts even

The BBQ will be a pot-luck event, so please bring a dish. Vegan and non-Vegan
food will be available, and a grill on which no meat products have been cooked
will be on hand. Feel free to bring any literature or other items pertaining to
your group or activities. For more information, contact (267)970-5889 or

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