Saturday, September 04, 2010

Social activists were kidnapped by cops in Minsk, Belarus Sept 3, 2010

This release is unfortunately very vague and unclear. Just to clarify, it is
about arrests of anarchists in Minsk after Russian embassy in Minsk was
attack with Molotov cocktails.

Social activists were kidnapped by cops in Minsk, Belarus

Today (3-rd of September 2010) at morning our friends and comrades were
kidnapped by police. Six people are missing. We manage to get know about
their kidnapping only several hours later from their neighbors which said
that unknown people in police uniform took away everybody situating the
apartment. Fate of these people is still unknown this moment. Nobody responds
to cell telephone calls. Any attempts to get know something about their
location in Minsk police departments give no result, cause cops deny any
involvement in this event. Apartment of another not detained activist is kept
under observation by police patrol, and these cops don’t disclose the reasons
for their presence.

All these people are social activists, participating in various social
movements aimed at protecting human rights, workers rights and freedom of
access to information. We believe these abductions are directly related to
the season of “elections” in Belarus, because every time they take place,
there is increased repressions of social activists by authorities. They tries
to isolate people from access to any unwanted information that way.

We belive it is kidnapping, because there is no information about the fates of
people and reasons for their detention still. Such actions are a serious
violation of the rights and freedoms of every person. We urge all
unindifferent people to help in finding our comrades, and in media coverage
of this incident. If you have information on the case or can somehow help us
write to antiatombel AT riseup DOT net.

It’s obvious for us that the trigger for repression was the incident near the
Russian Embassy in Minsk, occurred on August 30. A pressrelease of previously
unknown anonymous group of anarchists, declared publicly its responsibility
for the attack, followed in two days, gave the secret services a convenient
excuse for the actions of intimidation.

UPDATE at 23:35: Location of the detainees is still unknown. However, it was
reported that phones, computers and various literature were confiscated from
them. And police is in search of 5 activists.

Keep track of updates.

Friends and comrades of kidnapped.


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