Monday, September 27, 2010

Belarus. Repressions of the anarchists go on

New release from last saturday


Repressions go on, one more anarchist Ihar Truhanovich was arrested.

Today noon it became known that one more activist was arrested: Ihar
Truhanovich. As his parents said Ihar was called for “talk” but he did
not returned home. In telephone conversation with his parents cop on
duty at temporary detention facility on Akrescina str. acknowledged that
Ihar really situated there and he is detended till September, 27th, the
article is 339 (hooliganism). To give more information cop refused.

Also today the fate of Mikalaj Dziadok who was arrested during the first
wave on Sep., 3rd gets a bit clearer. Yestarday, Sep., 24, the next,
seventh on row, 24 hours of detention without been accused. Mikalaj was
moved into detention facility on Valadarskaha str., his arrest is
prolonged for 10 days, on expiration of them his should be accused or freed.

Makalaj is suspected in hooliganism (art. 339 p. 2) in case of illegal
action against combined belarussian-russian military maneuvers “West
2009” on Sep., 19th of 2009 near the General Staff of Armed Forces of
Belarus during which a smoke pellet was thrown into the yard of the
General Staff.

According to our data, during last 2 weeks more than 30 people were
called in for questioning to the GUBAZ (Main division of fight against
organized crime) the KGB with regard to this case. They were demanded to
testify it was Mikalaj Dziadok who organized that action, invited people
to the action, gave masks to the participants, was in the head of the
column. Moral pressure was exerted on some people. The GUBAZ agents
alleged that if they won’t give any evidence then they will become a
copather of this crime, threatened with sexual violence from other
detainees, inclusion to the list of travel banned and problems at their
parents’ work. Last days people who were involved in informational
support of the detainees — Aliaksandar Yarashevich, Alena Dubovik and
Hanna Charnyshova — were arrested for interrogations as well.

Thus, we see the police has no evidence of Mikalaj’s guilty and they try
to get them by whatever means.

Mikalaj’s address for solidarity letters is Belarus, Minsk, Valadarskaha
str., 2, Mikalaj Dziadok.

We demand to stop pressure on the social activists and to release
Mikalaj Dziadok, Aliaksandar Frantskievich and Ihar Truhanovich!

Friends and relatives of those arrested:

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You can read status of the current events with arrested here

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