Thursday, September 09, 2010

Communique of anarchists who attacked Russian embassy in Minsk

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On the evening of 30.08.2010 a group of anarchists have attacked by Molotov cocktails Russian embassy in Minsk. One of the diplomat cars was burnt. By this action we express our fury and protest to the arrests and repressions against defenders of Khimki forest in Moscow.

While our friends are beaten up by fascist mercenaries, riot police are pressing and arresting innocent people – treats and arrests became everyday routine. Our friends now have to suffer in jails or live in fear to be imprisoned just because they fight for freedom, people and environment.

But bureaucrats and capitalists care just for their bribes and profits, they don’t care what happens tomorrow, they are ready to abolish every protest or disagreement with cruelty. What comes next – the death squads?

We declare solidarity with our comrades and support only method of direct action, because government are afraid of power only and nothing else.

It is really funny to read some comments on Internet forums. Both clans, called “Gvernment of Republic of Belarus” and “Government of Russian Federation” disgust us. Poor workers of both countries never take any benefit from this fighting for power. It is foolishly to imitate politicians. People, come to your senses! Is it really impossible to explain any act of protest by theories of conspiracy? We meet stealing and humiliation every day – but around there are only fear in the eyes and whisper in the kitchens. It is time to summon our forces and believe that we are worthy of a better life.

Free all imprisoned comrades! Stop political repressions! Down with officials, gangsters and policemen!

Human rights and social justice!

Anarchist attack on the police detention centre «Okrestina» in Minsk

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The police detention centre on the Okrestina street in Minsk was attacked with Molotov cocktails by the group of anarchists on the 4th September 2010.

After a radical action on the Russian embassy in Minsk the repressive institutions of the State had started an unprecedented hunting on anarchists and other social activists. The detention centers are fulfilling with new prisoners. In general, imprisoned people are kids which have never parted in radical actions. This people just hold a peaceful propaganda of their political point of view and part in different social initiatives, but at the moment they are incriminated with any bollocks that police can imagine.

It seems like policemen and agents of special services just don’t care which people to imprison – they think about their reports to the government and their bonuses and new ranks only. They don’t have any honor or conscience – they just never had it.

We take the responsibility for all radical actions which was held recently and declare that all people who are under judicial examination now – didn’t part in this actions – we even don’t know them. Our country have already faced such a terror under Stalin regime in 1937. The elections are near and thievish government do its’ best to hold the strength.

But no repression can stifle the native human desire for freedom and dignity. Belarus will be free and independent land, where higher low is social justice and human rights – not servility and despotism. And when it happens – beware, watchdogs!

Free anarchists and social activists! Stop political repressions! Long live direct democracy and free Belarus!

Anarchist group “Friends of Liberty”

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