Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Between the Bars: Human Stories from Prison

Forwarding for Between the Bars
Between the Bars: Open for Letters!

Hi all,

We're happy to announce that Between the Bars is now open for letters. We
are now actively recruiting writers who are interested in blogging. And we
need your help getting the word out! Do you know anyone who is currently
incarcerated and interested in blogging?

We are printing up a large run of postcards that can be distributed to
anyone with interest. The postcards look like this:


If you're interested in distributing some, let us know, and we'd be happy
to send you a stack.

Do you have a publication which could include a note about our service?
Feel free to add the same copy that's in the postcard (included below).

We'd also love any other suggestions for how we can get the word out!

Thanks, Between the Bars

Interested in blogging? Between the Bars is a new free blogging service
for prisoners. Just send letters to our address, and we will put copies on
the Internet! You can use your blog to tell your story, make and maintain
social connections, share your artwork or poetry, and build a platform you
can stand on when you get out. When Internet visitors leave comments on
your blog, we'll mail them to you for free. This service is being run as
part of an MIT study on whether blogging can improve prisoner's lives.

To get started, send a letter or postcard with your name to this address,
and we'll send you the sign-up form:

Between the Bars
attn: New writer registration
PO Box 425103
Cambridge, MA 02142

Please be aware: by law we can't provide you with anonymity. Please do not
send us anything that is sensitive, private, illegal, inflammatory, or
which might incriminate you or affect your incarceration or potential for
parole. If you do, we will not be able to prevent law enforcement or
others from harming you with that information.

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