Thursday, January 06, 2011

Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on the “GAP” Athens, 4/1/11

We are at war we are not celebrating...
We have hostages and we act...
Fire, attack, destruction, this is our choice, this is the side we choose...

Because the masks have fallen, because its the moment where the
consumerist smiles are too many, the life of plenty, on credit,
collapsed.... Hypocrisy and indifference are from now on a conscious

And we consciously and decisively from the side of the urban guerilla
warfare, moved, on the night of friday 31/12/10, around the streets of
Psihiko area, welcoming the new year in the GAP shop, contributing to
the fireworks of the changing of the year with 2 incendiary devices.
This is our gift to the market and the downfall its taken, something
that especially pleases us....

We do not forget the hostages in the cells of democracy. We salute the
solidarity gatherings outside the various prisons of the country, on
new years eve. We do not forget our comrades and we respond to the call
for active solidarity before the upcoming trial for the case of the
Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Now we speak with

P.S. Strength and decisiveness to all those who walk the paths of denial.


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