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Letter of Kostas Sakkas from Nafplio Prison

Jan 3, 2011

Because of the world economic crisis which is a consequence of the bankruptcy
of the capitalistic model and neo-liberal economic policy of the western
states and governments, the biggest and and most massive anti-popular
attack in the world and mainly on the societies of the “weakest” links
of the eurozone of the new economically third world, is unleashed by the
big international (and not only) capital.

The structural changes and austerity measures that are imposed by the
mechanisms of support onto the “ill” economies, so that they achieve
their “cleansing”, have as a target and result the change of the world
economic governing, with terms even more favourable for the bosses.For
the bosses that are outside but also inside the national borders. For
the bosses that express the big and small capital. As in the case of
Greece, the economy of a country that is included in the mechanism of
support and applies austerity measures, has as result the depreciation
of labour and its labour potential. And this happens in the big also the
small enterprises. In the enterprises with foreign, but also in those
with local interests.

The privatisations and the sell out of public fortune and beneficial
enterprises to the public, which never really belonged to the greek
people and never were never exploitable from them, it is not accidental
that it does not depend on their selling out, neither is it determined
according to the terms of the memorandum, by the reduction of the
deficit of the economy and the prices of the percentages of the GDP, as
it could in some way be considered reasonable, but from whether it could
payoff the loans it has received, the moment the Greek state is sinking continuously more and more in the mechanisms of worldwide loansharking (International Monetary Fund,
European Central Bank).

The otherwise awkward economic position to which the country has devolved
to, is not so awkward for the private capital, but a investment
opportunity so big, that it is hard for someone to believe that the
handling of the government against the mechanisms of support and the
unconditional acceptance of the memorandum, is accidental. On the
contrary it has been confirmed that the domestic bosses profit by the
same economic situations with the international ones and their interests
-at least economically- are common.

The biggest part of society, maybe doesn't perceive the economic crisis
with the terms of the world market, the role of the stock exchanges, the
frauds and the relation of euro and dollar, however it clearly
perceives the “crisis” of the greek debt, that became a crisis of
borrowing, which is translated into a memorandum, that means cuts on
wages, pensions, and benefits.

The attack on the labour and welfare rights, the reduction of public
spending and benefits, the increase of taxes, unemployment and generally
biotic, in connection with the existential poverty, is immediately
perceptible and very rapidly galloping.

However the anti-memorandum paroxysm of the media that is so important for the
maintenance of social “peace” from the side of sovereignty of the
system, as much as an anaesthetist in a critical operation, it cannot
cleanse the corrupted operation of the state before the memorandum and
the integration of the country to the mechanism of monitoring
(structured bonds, empty insurance funds, “black holes”, economic
scandals, payoffs etc.) and mainly it cannot render the greek society
free, while its biggest part, is under a hostage regime, not since the
arrival of the troika, but from long before, since the greek state
existed and from the national bosses first of all.

The austerity measures and the orders of the memorandum that are imposed,
cancel in practice the constitution itself. This has as result the
obliteration of every false conviction for the social character of
state, a thing that creates inevitably the prospect of a mass reflective
social revolt.Spontaneous, reflective, without ideological-political characteristics in its majority, however a revolt. For those that fight for the assault and destruction of the state and its structures, is a challenge. One more
front for the disturbance of its orderly operation. The unprecedented
abstention from the last municipal elections, taking into consideration
the polls in which doubt dominates and “no one”, the mass strikes and
mobilizations with violent and aggressive characteristics, the lynching
of various political people of every party mechanism in the streets, are
simply a sample of the mood of whats to follow.

For those that take in practice the side of the multiform struggle for
revolution and the creation of a prospect for it. For those that fight
the sovereignty of the state and the bosses, but also the submission
that this presupposes for its existence. For those that fight eternally,
beyond periods, seasons and economic situations, against the power and
its representatives, whatever side of the social field its expressed by
and reproduced, whether its from the side of the powerful, or from the
side of the weak through the consent, every crisis cannot be anything other than
another reason, another occasion for struggle, against big and small capital, against the powerful euro but also the underestimated drachma, against the foreign but also domestic bosses, the hostage situation of the exterior mechanisms but also internal mechanisms of exploitation.
I am another hostage of the democratic regime and am kept in one of its
cells in the correctional shops, of marginalisation, of isolation and
vengeance of the state. Where the food is not always enough, but heroin
is in excess. Where psychotropic substances are more than what is in the
warehouses of hospitals. Where the disciplinary sentences are in the
daily provision and heating is a luxury. Where the presence of rodents,
bugs and cockroaches is frequent, contrary to that of sanitary. Where in
cells that their specifications are for 2 individuals, theres 4 beds
and they make 6-7 people sleep, where the correctional code and the
rights of the prisoners, are broken constantly and blatantly, but the
hi-tech systems of safety and monitoring, work perfectly and the doors
of the cells always close on time.

The minister of justice, the public prosecutors and the juridical servants
should know, that where that where they throw people like the waste of
society, exists dignity and solidarity and these neither can be judged
or be jailed.

Kostandinos Sakkas
prisons of Navplio

boubourAs translate actforfreedomnow! On tuesday 7th of december the first 2 of
the 6 arrested allegedly part of a “terrorist organization” were
imprisoned. Alexandros Mitrousias was sent to Patras prisons and Kostas Sakkas to
the prisons of

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