Friday, January 21, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines: The Politics of Choice Jan. 29

Saturday, January 29 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Russell Aldo Murray Art Gallery
460 Washington Street
Newark, NJ

Created By

Fayemi Shakur, Bonnie Kerness, Baja Ukweli, Inaword Fab

Behind Enemy Lines is a Pop Up Art Show
and community event curated by BaJa Ukweli and fayemi shakur

...featuring presentations by
Former Political Prisoner Ojore Lutalo,
The Black August Organizing Committee, The Jericho Movement,
& American Friends Service Committee Prison Watch
(Bonnie Kerness & TJ Whitaker)

artwork by

Ojore Nuru Lutalo
Ana DelMar Belacqua
Dmitry Gubin
BaJa Ukweli

& a spoken word peformance by Hakim Green

Hosted at Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District’s RAM Gallery

The purpose of this exhibit is to display art expressing political, social or
cultural injustice, oppression, truth and imprisonment (physical, mental, emotional,
or spiritual).

What are some of the ways we are imprisoned in society? What are some of the ways we
imprison ourselves? What does speaking truth to power look like? What does
oppression look like? What tools can we use or create to liberate ourselves? What
are some of the ramifications of silence and/or confrontation? What does freedom
look like? What is the purpose of the prison industrial complex? Is torture a common
practice in U.S. prisons? What is a political prisoner?

Artists and participants will share their insights on these questions.

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