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Responcibility Claim from Hania, Crete, Greece 23/1/11

Jan 24, 2011 Anarchist News

Doubt. Refusal. Attack. I dispute and despise the code of values of this
society. I deny to compromising. I attackfiercely on everything that
limits us, underestimates us, enslaves us. The choice of Revolution,
permanent and inalterable Now and Always. -Haris Hadjimihelakis

Historically the state is the evolution of a gang of people, that with as
a tool the laws, fear, the repression and with as a pretext safety they
aim to achieve the armouring of their interests, theirs and the bosses.

Thus, with the use of violence, physical or not, they try to impose the
social conditions of subjugation and solidify social peace. Especially now
that the reliability of the political system is decomposing and the
capitalistic “balloons” of “growth” and “prosperity” have bursted, the
distress of sovereignty for its perpetuation becomes even more evident. It
upgrades therefore its arsenal in order to face the internal enemy. It
votes terror laws, it harasses, it represses.

At this moment in the cells of “democracy” there are dozens of anarchists
that chose to move into the path of fire and resistance, aiming at the
destruction of the state and its mechanisms, until the individual and
social liberation.

The objective of the state, apart from the physical extermination, is also
their social isolation. Thus, it does not hesitate to criminalize
political, social, even friendly relations. The examples are many with
most recent that of Fee Mayer.

“Isolate them!”. We have heard it many times from them but also from the
parrots of the Media of Mass taming, commonly journalists. However, they
are not address only the imprisoned television viewers, but also those
parts of society that resist. Placing dilemmas and separating the tactics
of struggle they seek its division and self-amputation. The fight against
the state and the bosses is multiform, multidimensional and multileveled,
however the aim is one: the destruction of the rotten existing for the
individual and social liberation.

In the frames of this struggle we choose not to leave any fighter alone.
We stand in solidarity to those that have clearly chosen side. That of
resistance, revolutionary conscience, rage.

Thus, we as well, the dawn of 21-1-11 we chose to deliver to flames 2
armoured vehicles for money transfers of Brinks company sending our own
flaming signal. The target was far from accidental since the security
companies come to cover the gap left by the governmental dogs of the
“safety” forces. They have been assigned to guard many public buildings
and services as well as the transport of the wealth, ensuring the smooth
flow of money. They protect the bosses and their properties, those that
with so much passion they defend. Its the companies themselves that the
“democratic” regimes in Europe and America have assigned to manufacture
and operation of private prisons and the creation of private armies.

We dedicate this action to anarchist revolutionaries Gerasimos Tsakalos -
Panagiotis Argirou – Haris Hadjimihelakis, members of the Revolutionary
Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire as well as Panagiotis Masouras -
Konstantina Karakatsani - Alexandros Mitrousias - Giorgos Karagiannidis
that are persecuted for same case.

PS1. We do not forget the unrepentant revolutionary urban guerillas
N.Maziotis – P.Roupa - K.Gournas members of the armed organization
Revolutionary Struggle as well as the anarchist fighters that are
persecuted for the same case.

Honour for ever to Lambros Foundas member of R.S.

PS2. Freedom to the anarchist comrades that are confined in the hell-holes
of “democracy”.

PS3. We stand in solidarity to every prisoner that fights consciously,
with dignity, against the rotten institution of prisons.


Night time Troublemakers

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