Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lynne Stewart on FBI Witch Hunts


I began my career as a political movement lawyer. The government was
rounding up the last of the die hard militants, many of whom had been
underground, and prosecuting them as a part of the pincer movement.

They also subpoenaed anyone with any tangential relationship to those who had
been arrested. I am talking about their daters, their lovers, their
teachers, their religious leaders, their estranged relatives, those who had
attended meetings, rallies etc.

All of these activities centered upon an expropriation in suburban NY of a
Brinks armored truck and the people who were arrested then and later. Their
purpose?? To intimidate that branch of the movement that could be counted
on to support militancy and troll for even the most insignificant crumbs of
information that might be fitted together to enmesh suspects.

What happened? Most people who had been taped by the government lawyered
up with movement lawyers, guided in part by the legal work of Bob Boyle and
Guild lawyers who had written legal representation before Grand juries which
remains the standard on what to do and when to do it. A person subpeonaed is
in the unenviable position of having only the vaguest idea of what the
government may want, and is faced ultimately with the choice of testifying
against comrades or spending long months in jail.

They may even face a possibility of being indicted for contempt and facing a
sentence that is completely up to a judge. In the face of this challenge in
that day, I can only say that most people chose not to testify and to wait
out the government. They gave up an existence as they were living it--
jobs, relationships, and all that constitutes daily life, and they went to
jail. And they stayed in jail for many months and they didn't give in.

Now we are in another era- - one that was not born from the euphoria and
idealism of the 60's, and the government is once again arresting, subpoenaing,
and tormenting movement people, hoping they will become informants. And the
reaction of the movement? We resist.

We stand strong with the resisters who elect not to become part of the same
prosecution team that has terrorized the world. Now the so-called
Department of Justice [ha!] has decided to focus on support groups of the
world's peoples and also on eco-terrorism. Why? Because they can! It
sends a message to the people that it's dangerous, don't join, don't resist.
That message must once again be shouted down, first by the resisters who
will go to jail, and second by us, the movement who must support them by
always filling those cold marble courtrooms to show our solidarity, and by
speaking out so that their sacrifice is constantly remembered.

Our principle of non-collaboration has so far proved robust. There has been
no wavering. Our support must continue to convince everyone involved that
these are issues of principle. There can be no compromise. Resisters must
be defended to the utmost of our strength and abilities.


Lynne Stewart
Carswell Federal Prison

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