Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nottingham Probation Services Attacked (UK)

Jan. 23, 2011 Anarchist News

19 January 2010

“In the earlier hours of Wednesday morning the Nottingham Probation
Services Office on Derby Road was attacked. Four of it’s vehicles had
their paint stripped, tyres slashed and locks glued shut. All the doors to
the building were also glued.

This was just a gesture, a middle finger flicked up at the prison system.
To that system we say Fuck your attempts to control our lives, fuck you
for imprisoning our comrades, and fuck your surveillance because we will
not be stopped from having these moments. These moments where the
industrial prison complex, the culture of domination and capitalism can
not stop us from responding with anger and disgust at the world that has
been created.

This action is done in solidarity with all prisoners. We do not
differentiate between those who have been imprisoned for their political
beliefs and those who are imprisoned because they were not born into a
position of wealth and power. This action was for those who have spent
their lives having their actions criminalized by the elite, and it is for
those anarchist prisoners around the world who aim to destroy the elite.”

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