Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines for Political Prisoners Feb. 5

Saturday, February 5 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm

the A-Space
4722 Baltimore Ave, W. Philly

Created By
A-Space Anarchist Community Center

More Info

Participate in the fun and important tradition of sending love to Political
Prisoners for Valentines Day! Come to the A-Space to make Valentines and send some
warm thoughts and wishes to people who are in prison due to their dedication to the
struggle for justice.

Art supplies like scissors, markers, lacy paper, stamps and construction paper will
be available, although you are also encouraged to bring your own. Valentine candy
will also be on hand!

There are a lot of prisoners who need our love this year. Come to this fun,
community building, all-ages, artsy and political, FREE event at the A-Space for an
over-all nice evening!

Please SHARE this event with your friends and invite others.

If you can't make it to this event, you can still send some love to our prisoners:
http://www.abcf.net/abcf.asp?page=prisoners has a list of prison contact info and

Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (PP/POWs) are "those persons incarcerated
as a result of political beliefs or actions consciously undertaken and intended to
resist exploitation and oppression, and/or hasten the implementation of an
egalitarian, sustainable, ethical, classless society, predicated on self
determination and maximization of all people's freedom.² (Bill Dunne)See More


Anonymous said...

how about you send Valentines Day Cards instead of to complete strangers to people in your life who care about you, love you and support you?

but I guess that's not "cool" in the anarchist universe.

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Anonymous said...

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