Sunday, January 23, 2011

Support Political Prisoners of the G20

Jan. 21, 2011

Here is the long-awaited pamphlet, “Support Political Prisoners of the
G20″. It gives instructions on writing and donating to G20 prisoners.

Guelph ABC is facilitating an accessible alternate fund for G20 arrestees,
mostly those facing serious charges. The fund is for immediate short-term
needs of the defendants.

Here are ways to donate funds to the Guelph ABC G20 Support Fund:

1. Paypal:
2. Deposit cash to the following TD bank account:
Transit # 00182, Institution # 004, Account # 00185228263
3. Write a cheque or money order to Guelph ABC, with G20 in
the memo line. Mail to:
Guelph ABC
PO Box 183
Guelph ON
N1H 6J6

Here is the pamphlet, please distribute widely:

G20 Support Flyer

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