Tuesday, January 18, 2011

About the arrest of comrade Fei Mayer

Occupied London January 15, 2011

One day after the arrest of four comrades (update 470), the antiterrorist
agency arrested the comrade Fei Mayer. She is accused for participation in
a terrorist group (the name of the group has not yet been decided by the
cops). Lawyers or information about what she is accused is considered
luxury for people arrested in greece, so she doesn’t have any of these.
The mass media come to fill the gap of the not-existing evidence, so they
have started to transmit surreal scenarios about their parents being
members of RAF and other armed groups in Germany. They also “informed” us
that her father was killed during a guerrilla action in Germany! Of
course, her father is still alive, maybe he is a bit more insecure after
he was informed about his death.

The crime of Fei is solidarity and dignity.

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