Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lucasville update - Just back from the prison

From Facebook Denis O'Hearn 12:19pm Jan 6

Just back from the prison visiting Jason Robb. Saw Bomani Shakur
yesterday. Spent five hours with each and the conversation never
flagged. They are both in good spirits and very lifted by the public
response to their action. They have posted signs on their doors:
"Hunger Strike: No Trays". Last night the doctor came by and weighed
Bomani and took a blood sample since he'd refused nine meals and was
officially considered to be on hunger strike. He's 205llb. Jason got
the doctor to weigh him a couple of days ago and he is 216llb. He
becomes "official" tomorrow morning. I'll be sharing more of what was
said with both guys later, but am back on the long road home to New
York. Soon we'll post some addresses to write them and keep up their
spirits, and also some addresses of important officials who we should
also write to "keep up their spirits." Jason thinks flooding these
guys with emails, phone calls, faxes, is the most important thing we
can do right now.

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