Thursday, April 08, 2010

Update on Scott DeMuth

Dear Supporters of Scott DeMuth:

We urge you to come to Scott's final pretrial hearing and support
rally on the morning of Monday, April 12th, at the federal courthouse
in Davenport, IA. Join us and the Scott and Carrie Support Committee
for a rally at 9:30 outside the courthouse and for the hearing at
10:30 a.m. We are asking for as many folks as possible to come to
court on the 12th to watch the proceedings. Scott is set to go to
trial starting the first week of May, but this is his last hearing
before then. Show Scott and the judge that he has a community of
supporters behind him, and don't let the prosecutor get away with
this vindictive prosecution! We will call on you then as well, but we
need your support to get these charges dropped before this goes to
trial. Hope to see you Monday.

Scott DeMuth is an activist and graduate student researcher in
federal court in Davenport this Tuesday. Scott is facing bogus
federal conspiracy charges. He is being persecuted for his advocacy
for political prisoners and academic research on liberation
movements. See the weblinks below for more info.

As SAJ grows, we would like to expand to focus our work on persecuted
academics beyond the case of Scott DeMuth. One of our first steps is
to generate a list of other people who are facing or have faced
similar threats to their academic freedom, especially within the U.S.
and Canada. We hope that we can share this as a resource, and welcome
any information and suggestions from supporters.

Finally, we are excited to share the news that thanks to your
support, Carrie Feldman has been released from jail and is no longer
facing contempt charges for her refusal to speak to the grand jury.
The prosecutor simply decided that "the court no longer needed her
testimony," confirming our suspicions that her internment was a way
of punishing her resistance to a baseless prosecution. We could not
have done it without you! 1 down, 1 to go.

Thank you for your continued support and hope to see you in Davenport!

Scholars for Academic Justice>>

- Scott and Carrie Support Committee>


Tell the US Attorney's office to protect academic freedom and stop
prosecuting freedom of speech and association. Sign petitions to
drop the charges against researcher Scott Demuth and community
activist Carrie Feldman:>

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