Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cornel West Interviews Mumia Abu-Jamal

Labyrinth Books - March 3, 2010

When he heard Mumi Abu-Jamal's voice on the line, noted scholar
Cornel West could barely contain his excitement.
http://t.ymlp130.com/yyafameeaiauswsarauwbq/click.php "My dear
brother, my dear brother," he exclaimed, his baritone voice full of admiration.

Dr. West was the keynote speaker at an event celebrating the release
of Mumia's new book, Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners
v.the U.S.A. The event was recorded by C-SPAN for broadcast.

Mumia was able to call in from SCI Greene, the supermax prison in
rural Pennsylvania where he lives in lockdown 22 hours per day. He is
limited to three short phone calls per week.

Over the next 15 minutes an illuminating, moving and at times
humorous dialogue took place between the two men. Mumia read from the
preface of his book and answered questions about his life, his ideas,
and his work.

Dr. West, one of America's most provocative public intellectuals, is
a Princeton professor, philosopher, activist and the author of 19
books. His writing, speaking, and teaching weave together the
traditions of the black Baptist Church, progressive politics, and jazz.

At one point in their animated conversation, Dr. West declared,
http://t.ymlp130.com/yyafameeaiauswsarauwbq/click.php"you are a
FREE black man on death row." Mumia responded, "now don't tell nobody."


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