Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scott Demuth re-indicted AGAIN!

April 14, 2010

Today, we found out that Scott has been re-indicted for a second
time. This time, Scott is being charged for conspiracy for the ALF
raid at the University in Iowa in 2004, Lakeside Ferrets in
Minnesota, "and other animal enterprises elsewhere" with "persons
known and unknown to the Grand Jury." The alleged conspiracy is now
supposed to have run from September 2004 until the beginning of May 2006.

The second superseding indictment was submitted yesterday, one day
after Scott appeared in the federal courthouse in Davenport and the
prosecutor, Cliff Cronk, successfully argued for a continuance for
the trial because he needed more time to prepare. In response,
Scott's lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss this indictment due to
Cronk's prosecutorial misconduct. In the motion to dismiss, the
defense team argues that Cronk "intentionally misled defense counsel,
and possibly the Court, falsely claiming that he needed more time to
respond to dismissal motions that he had every intention of
attempting to obviate by obtaining yet another indictment."

Yep, Cronk's actions are just as crazy and reckless as they seem.
We're hoping that the motion to dismiss this new indictment will be
successful and will keep you posted as we learn more. In the mean
time, Scott will continue to need our support and solidarity. Help
spread the word!

All the court documents from Scott's case are available at

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