Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PASOK headquarters in Chania, Crete occupied in solidarity with the six anarchists

occupiedlondon.org April 24, 2010

A few days ago, the headquarters of the ruling PASOK party
in Chania, Crete were occupied in solidarity with the six anarchists
arrested in relation to the revolutionary struggle case. A translation of
the communique of the occupiers follows:

Occupation of PASOK Headquarters at Chania, by those in solidarity to the

Today, Tuesday 20th April at 10 am we occupied PASOK offices at Chania,
Crete, in order to declare our objection on the one hand to the
criminalization of the anarchist/ anti authoritarian movement effected by
the recent arrests of the 6 fighters, and, on the other, to the targeting
of many more and, thus, to state’s attempt to hold back any feelings of
rebellion that develop among broader parts of society.

Neither the forced accusations issued by minister Chrisochoidis nor the
spectacle of terror constructed by journalists under the dictates of the
anti terrorism state office can erase the poverty, unemployment, firing
and annulment of salaries and pensions, the wealth of the few against the
welfare of the many and the debts that they cynically cast upon us, or
even the suffocating control and inspection of every single aspect of our

On the contrary, this performance presenting the assuming ‘unmasking of
terrorism’ serves for the state and the capital as an ideal platform on
which they both materialize their sophisticated attack against society, an
attack that is becoming all the more barbaric as it is realized with the
contribution of their ‘international’ partners and the monetary fund. And
all that so as to shut people’s mouths, so as to achieve their consent in
their even harsher exploitation.

However, criminals and society’s enemies are to be found in parliament, in
luxurious villas and administrative bureaus, in banks and bourses, in
media news and in the uniformed man hunters. As to those who are fighting
for freedom, these are the 6 persons under arrest, who have been marching
along our side towards social class struggles for years and, thus, in
public. We will be next to them every single moment offering our
solidarity, our self organised and uncompromising action so as to prevent
their physical and political annihilation.

We are calling every repressed man/ woman to offer zero tolerance against
this novel orgy of lies and suppression.

Counter Attack from the masses and from below!

Freedom to the arrested fighters!

Solidarity is our weapon!

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