Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sisters and Brothers,

Today 3 of us went to the LAPD Parker Center in downtown
Los Angeles to visit our brother behind enemy lines but unfortunately
Parker Center only allows one visitor per day, which we were unaware of.
For those wondering how Julio is doing, know that he is staying strong
and positive regarding his situation and as suspected, the charge of
"Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon On An Officer" is indeed trumped
up, as the original charge was intended to be "Misdemeanor Battery"
until Julio's possessions were tampered with. It is important that we
recognize Julio as political prisoner, and that as members of the
movement he represents we are obligated to support him. For those
wondering how to support Julio please spread the word and be prepared
for benefit events and fundraisers. At the moment we are currently
trying to find legal council for our brother as well as provide the
means for people to donate as well, which I will post as time permits. I
was told that Julio's first court date is Tuesday April 20th, and that
he most likely will be transferred from Parker Center to Division 30,
located on Temple St. between Spring and Broadway, so I will keep people
posted on both his court date and transfer. He has asked that people
try to make it out to his court dates to support him.

He has requested a reduction in bail, which is currently set at 50,000
dollars and we should have an estimate of what we are up against in
regards to this after April 20th. Until then please, please, please
spread the word that our brother is in dire need of support and be
prepared to contribute in any way you can. If anyone knows of any lawyer
that would be interested in taking the case, any fundraising ideas, any
means to contribute, or is interested in receiving updates please
contact me at MapachinABC@gmail.com

Spread the word and be ready to mobilize for our brother Julio.

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