Friday, April 16, 2010

Greek police madness: boys with easter firecrackers arrested as Nuclei of Fire guerrillas Apr 14 2010

Police madness in Athens is taken proportions unseen since the collapse of
the junta: this afternoon three boys and the mother of one of them were
arrested as members of the Nuclei of fire Conspiracy for having unused
easter firecrackers in their homes.

The incident took place in Athens on Wednesday afternoon and was initially
believed to be a common anti-hooligan detention case. But the paranoia of
the greek police has reached such hights that it would make even the
colonels' junta pale in shame.

According to the official police announcement, anti-terrorist police
agents intercepted a call of one of the boys to his mother to hide some
"gourounes", i.e. firecrackers massively used by teens and children during
greek easter whose festivities ended last week. The police arrested the
boy his 52 year old mother and two more boys claiming that the powder in
the fire-crackers is similar to the one used in a series kettle-bomb
attacks performed by the Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy last fall. The argument
runs counter to any trace of common sense which says that if that
comprises evidence then hundreds of thousands of teens using similar
festive devices should be arrested as urban guerrillas.

The latest arrests indicate that the situation in greece is critical. The
state seems to be unfolding an operation of mass repression with no
concern even for the most basic bourgeois judiciary procedures. It is
indicative that the first three of the 6 arrested of last Saturday have
been put in remand although not one single piece of not controversial
evidence was presented to the court by the anti-terrorist authorities,
despite these evidence being openly doubted even in the mainstream media.

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