Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Standard Request for Donations to Fire to the Prisons Issue #9

If you are not familiar with this publication, a very brief
description is available at the bottom of this call out.
Additionally, there is also a link to the magazine's website, where
recent and back issues are available to view in pdf format.

Seventy percent of this magazine is distributed for free
internationally, in the streets, and in the prisons. Thirty percent
rots or excites the shelves of bohemian or used bookstores around the
world. Any money produced from this publication goes either to help
those dealing with incarceration or police repression, or directly
back into helping the magazine continue.

At this time we are approaching our 9th issue, and requesting all and
any sort of donation to it being a greatly distributed and received

For more information on donating, please contact us via email at:

firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

Fire to the Prisons is a quarterly magazine distributed across the
world. It focuses on resistance by different discontent groups, and
looks to connect them to a broader struggle or a common

Every issue includes reports on different types of resistance
globally: prisoner uprisings and revolts (in North America), native
conflicts, looting and working class discontent, anti-fascism,
immigrant struggles, anti-political social disturbances, student
uprisings, animal or ecological defense, and more.

We also include in-depth analysis of different events happening today
in direct conflict with our current conditions set forth by the
current social order, with the intention
of connecting isolated occurrences and seeking ideas on how they can

Every issue also includes multiple accounts of individuals or
groups experiencing repression by the state. By repression we mean
police surveillance or harassment, draining trials, grand juries, or
incarceration. We hope this helps raise an awareness of these
cases and prevents them from becoming isolated. We also hope that by
reporting on this, it will help others to learn from the mistakes or
courage of those currently dealing with the state's justice system,
and help strengthen a more powerful revolutionary community before a
more powerful repressive system.

Visit our website at:



Janice Gabinksy
Editor and Thief of Fire to the Prisons Magazine

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